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Henan this weekend next week or welcome diving temperature sleet in recent days, the temperature soared, to Friday (4 days) of 15, the province’s highest temperature of 20 degrees in Linzhou and Luanchuan respectively reach 26 degrees, 27 degrees, this is the day to go out to stroll. Today, North China’s air pollution is more serious, some areas have been red hot on the state chart. Today, however, most of the province’s air quality is quite good. The air quality under the blue sky is very pure, because of high humidity, near the inversion layer, the morning to morning most province appeared fog on the mountain, the city environment is good! The following is the capital of Zhengzhou in the morning sky, under the irradiation of sunlight appears dense water. This is a white fog! Not the gray haze! This warm weather lasts until Saturday, the cold air will come from Siberia two attacks in our province, the way back to the impact of our province from the northeast region of china. This is the road of cold air, is expected to 5 days (Saturday) night to 6 during the day to Henan, most of the province is northeast around 4, the northeast wind feeling is cold, all the way from the raid in Hetao area in our province. This is the road of cold air, is expected to 6 to 7 at night to affect Henan, most parts of the province northwest wind around 4 or northerly winds, affected by cold air temperature will plunge in our province. In addition, the 7 day is the beginning of winter solar term, the weather is the occasion.相关的主题文章: