Harry Porter eight finally came, the Chinese version of the premiere held in Beijing soulseek

"Harry Potter", "eight" has finally come, Chinese premiere conference held in Beijing on October 29th morning, the people’s Literature Publishing House theater in Beijing held "stars Harry · and Potter; Premiere of" children of the damned. The people’s Literature Publishing House, vice president Li Chunkai, "Harry · Potter" series editor Wang Ruiqin, "Harry · Potter" series of translation from Shanghai, Hebei and Ma Ainong, Tianjin, Shandong, Guizhou, Hubei, Shanxi and other places Changchun, more than 100 fans to participate in the activities of kazakhstan. "Harry · Potter and children of the damned" published by J.K. Rowling, John · and Jack · Tiffany Thorne; a new story creation basis, "Harry · Potter" series of eighth stories, is a new screenplay by Jack · Thorne hold the pen, but also the first is on the stage of the "Harry · Potter;" the official story. The theatrical world premiere held in London in July 30, 2016, followed by the publication of the "special rehearsal version" script will put Harry · Potter and friends and family of the new adventures around the world to bring readers. "Harry · Potter and cursed the child" drama by Sonia · Freedman studios, Colin · Callender · and Harry Potter drama production company produced. Harry · and the cursed child, the English version of the record breaking 2016 pre-sale, North America, sold 2000000 copies on the two day of. Harry, Ron, and the story of the next generation of the first chapter of the king of the king’s Cross station, a busy, crowded station, packed with people who travel to different places. In a bustle, two big cage in two cars loaded with luggage carts on the top of clicking shake. The cart is two boys, James · Potter and albus Potter ·. Their mother Ginny followed. And Harry, a thirty-seven year old man, sitting with his daughter, Lili. – "Harry · Potter and cursed the child" · "Harry; Potter and children of the damned" simplified Chinese version of Chinese started from the September 20th sale, the major city bookstores started to accept reservations, from September 26th to October 29th, the national unified market at the same time. The first printing of 300 thousand copies have been shipped, currently being printed in emergency. "Harry · Potter cursed the child" and "Harry · Potter and cursed the child" tells the story of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy and Draco · their next generation story. In the play, Harry · Potter is now the director of the Department of magical law enforcement, the father of three school-age children. Harry, Ron, and the iron triangle of the friendship of the same, but they are already in the middle age, have their own career and children, and the children also signed up for the相关的主题文章: