Good 2199 SONY PS4 slim 11 double start price

Good 2199? SONY’s PS4 Slim 11 starting price double [Sina video game original unauthorized reprint] SONY was held on October 13th in the PlayStation conference, announced that it will launch the state line version of PS4 Slim 500G in November 11th, the price of 2199 yuan, the price of 2399 yuan 1TB. Today is the national day version of the official launch of the PS4 Slim, SONY also opened a new round of discount activities during the two 11. However, the video game but found that the original price of 2199 yuan at the opening of the 500G suit became a $2299. In October 13th, SONY announced the first 500G conference set the price of 2199 yuan will be the first to commemorate the first set to send "Ricky and dingdong" and membership price unchanged in the official SONY Tmall store in 500G, to commemorate the first set the price is 2299 yuan, but in the double 11 day of purchase can receive a new version of the PS4 handle. During the double 11 line PS4 Slim to commemorate the first set the price of 2299 yuan to handle a game you guess, because SONY dual 11 activities presented handle cost and high 500G package price, 1T first edition did not give PS4 the activity of the handle, 2399 yuan price is consistent with the conference had open. From the player’s point of view, the price increase of 100 yuan more than a PS4 handle is still affordable, but some people do not understand is that SONY did not give players the right to choose. In PlayStation Tmall official mall, and no other 2199 yuan to buy 500G PS4 Slim package options. 500G is currently only 2299 yuan package does not know after the end of the double handle gift activities, SONY will keep the price of 500G package of $2299, or the price will be announced to the public at the beginning of 2199 yuan. (Editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: