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Golden week received 45 thousand   yanoda scenic tourists won praise — Hainan window – Hainan windows on 9 October, October 7th, "eleven" golden week coming to an end, many tourists travel peak enthusiastic, yanoda rainforest with characteristics of experience and high quality services to attract a large number of tourists come to visit play. As of 7 pm 5 points, yanoda scenic spot in the National Day period a total of 45 thousand tourists trips, an increase of over 18%. During the national day, yanoda scenic features experience projects popular with tourists, "foot waterfall water", "ziplining", "real CS", "forest camping" experience project every day reception number than usual are a substantial growth, including "tread water waterfall" and "high altitude sliding cable project" popular hot every day, attracting thousands of tourists eager to experience feelings of Tropical Rainforest Adventure challenge. "I thought the National Day travel will encounter congestion or wait for a long time, the results after yanoda tour very smooth, service is also very good, especially the water project, one family can have fun!" Mr. Wu from Nanjing said. Scenic person in charge, this year’s golden week is the biggest difference with the previous couple honeymoon tour, family travel, family travel has become the main force of scenic passenger. Living in the city visitors with family and friends here for leisure, experience the scenic characteristics of the project, and choose to stay in a hotel, yanoda rainforest, enjoy the quiet forest. To prepare for the eleven golden week, the scenic area in the personnel arrangements, material preparation, facilities and equipment maintenance, security risks investigation, staff training and emergency drills, etc.. During the golden week, yanoda scenic tourist reception work in order, scenic staff warm and thoughtful service by tourists alike, tourists admission order and tourist satisfaction has significantly improved compared to previous years. In addition, during the golden week, the director of the Baoting county Party Secretary Wang Yu is the Standing Committee of the county, the County Public Security Bureau Chen Zhiwei, deputy magistrate Zhou Hongjie, County Tourism Commission Director Lin Mengdi, and the county industry and commerce, transportation, price, fire, three Road Town, accompanied by the relevant responsible person, it was deeply Nobel rain forest cultural tourism zone, supervision and inspection of the National Day Golden Week safety guidance and scenic security work, tourism service, security, right operation and specific measures are affirmed, and to adhere to the festival in the forefront of the scenic staff to send blessings. (New)   (commissioning editor: Wu Zhangui, Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: