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From " to " Shagen "   " baby; the director gave Baoqiang Wang the actor acting class — entertainment channel, 2004 Baoqiang Wang appeared in Feng Xiaogang’s new year drama "without Thieves" by the Golden Horse Award for newcomers to the world: "the silly root" Baoqiang Wang to make a really remember me the last century at the end of 90s, Baoqiang Wang’s daily life is and other extras, gathered in the beiyingchang "duck live", expecting to be selected to do the work, walk on. Until 2003, the first Baron Baoqiang Wang appeared, director Li Yang found him in "blind well". When the 19 year old Baoqiang Wang has won the 2003 fortieth by virtue of the Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer award. According to Li Yang director recalls, then Baoqiang Wang is a no show experience, very shy and very lovely rural children. A person in the hard work, in particular, can endure hardship, the heart has the kind of desire to do the work, it is the spirit of this struggle to support him to go now. Surprisingly, two months later, the commercial blockbuster, "the world without thieves," director Feng Xiaogang and selected Baoqiang Wang to play silly root". It is said that Baoqiang Wang was shocked when he learned that his favorite actor, the mainland actor, and Hongkong actor, Andy Lau, wanted to play a supporting role for him. In 2004, "A World Without Thieves Huobian" on both sides of the Changjiang River Baoqiang Wang as the "silly, root" role of popular, he began to have a reputation in the entertainment circle. Baoqiang Wang was regarded as the father of Feng Xiaogang suggested that he chose the role, said, you play your good." (Wen Lu, Li Yan: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: