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From the end of the God of Dong Peng: the article is copy of the identity is false – Sohu culture channel   in May this year, "China automatic identification" magazine reported on Dong Peng, the article said the logistics experts, professor level senior engineer of Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Bingyao – 5 years published about 800 articles, the hundreds of academic the journal covers – logistics, economy, aesthetics, psychology, film and other fields – unit changeable, claiming to be experts, Professor of engineering, chief adviser – "mature, through the industrialization of plagiarism paper production line" in 2011, a man named Dong Peng, 5 years published about 800 articles in some newspapers and journals of most of the. This article covers the modern logistics, industrial economics, aesthetics, ancient literature, psychology, theatre and film etc., can be described as "the God of the person". But the Chengdu Daily reporter survey found that "the God" and the other faces — he forged through a variety of tall, fictional identity, tampering with the national scientific research projects, some prominent co authored the paper again careless get on, so in hundreds of journals published a signed article, but also a draft vote. Recently, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter persuaded Dong Peng to accept an interview, he admitted his plagiarism and an apology. He admitted that he didn’t go to college, but no doctoral degree, many partners is he write up. As for his true identity, Dong Peng had found the Chengdu daily survey, Merchandiser of a company, he is now claiming to leave unemployment. As for the purpose of plagiarism, he said that initially only to improve the visibility of the individual to go…… Mami > once a company staff is not executives, strategy consultant, chief researcher in August 26th, the Chengdu Daily reporter from Carlisle (Meizhou) Rubber Products Company Limited was informed that Dong Pengque earlier in the company’s class, but he had to leave in 2015. Dong Peng has been with us for nearly ten years. He is not a senior executive, strategic advisor or chief researcher, but a merchandiser here." Carlisle said, Dong Peng has no requirements for academic papers published, "matter to him, we know. However, after someone called us to verify the paper plagiarism." Dialogue Dong Peng > I did not go to college, nor is it known for plagiarism, to find a good job after several communication, Dong Peng accepted the Chengdu Business Daily reporter interviewed. Chengdu Business Daily: according to media reports, you claim to be graduated from Northwestern University in 2005. In a paper, you claim to be a doctor, what is your real degree? Dong Peng: I didn’t go to Northwestern University and didn’t go to college. I’m not a doctor. I don’t have any education. Chengdu Daily: in your paper, unit group, AIP group, including castalla Carlisle (Meizhou) rubber products Co. Ltd., what is your true identity and occupation? Dong Peng: I’m in Carlisle on"相关的主题文章: