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Father Britney was traced under house arrest for 8 years can choose their own underwear: Britney Sina entertainment news October 31st news, according to Taiwan media reports, the pop star Britney Spears Britney [micro-blog] (Britney Spears) in recent years are resident in Las Vegas show, a past downturn, revive the cause, but the earlier there was news that father Jamie (Jamie Spears) of her life is now more tightly controlled, foreign media exposed even underwear can not choose people so worried about her heart will collapse sooner or later. Britney Spears Britney in 2008 because of mental problems receive medical treatment, not only lost the child’s legal custody, acting more so after her father fell, as the law of financial management, according to the "Star" magazine reported, although gradually step in the active assistance of father on the track, but this is like 8 years under house arrest. Private life was the father of strict control, mobile phone, computer, e-mail are being watched, even watching TV and hotel adult channels have been monitored or is locked, the rest is not like drinking, partying to dot the clothing, squat bend can not be exposed, performance can talk freely with others. In addition, Britney Spears Britney’s diet was also recorded, if picky eaters will be a snitch, whistleblowers quite sympathize with her, that it is likely to repeat the past mental breakdown condition. But "Gossipcop" sites face the report, said that although the father’s strict control of her life, but she secretly still retains its independence and autonomy, and none of the above said so exaggerated. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: