Exposure Milan brewing trade front thigh exchange Chelsea core (video) footman

A Serie A exposure Milan brewing trade front thigh core exchange Chelsea hat trick Milan beat the Turin Baca home court Milan striker Baca Tencent sports news September 17th conducted in the morning, the Columbia striker Baca completed lore, helped Milan to a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria, but from the "Italy football" the news that Milan is brewing a pen big deal, in particular with Chewbacca in exchange for Chelsea midfielder Fabregas (data). From the data, in Milan after joining AC, Columbia striker Baca play very well, last season 38 appearances, scored 18 goals this season, Barca is still Milan striker thigh, 4 appearances, scoring 4 goals, Milan this season to win the game, Chewbacca had broken the door, it is show his value. But the Milan club has not love looks honest, simple style of the Baka, this summer, Milan has plans for 30 million euros of cash even with West Ham United Baca, into a verbal agreement, but I have no Baka nod, trading it. Although the performance of VacA is very prominent, but the "Italy football" revealed that Milan had planned to take in exchange for Spanish star Fabregas baca. Although had 18 assists in the 2014-15 season, helping Chelsea win the Premier League, but under Conti, small law lose the main, the Premier League this season before the five round, a small law has not started a game against Liverpool, this morning (data) in the game, he also played only in eighty-third minutes. From Fabregas’s passing vision and passing accuracy, he can really bring a huge boost to Milan, but if the loss of the number one striker in the transaction, the transaction may not be cost-effective in Milan. (smoke ring)相关的主题文章: