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Everything is doomed, or the fate of the public concerned about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: psychological you have "gone with the wind" poster as if all is doomed. Shortly before the heavy movie "gone with the wind", again felt this sentence. At the end of the movie, Bai Ruide left Scarlett to return home to find "good things", Scarlett rushed out to find Reed white. However, when she rushed into the yard, for a moment, she stayed, because at this time, the scene has appeared in her dream. The dream, she said to Reed, "I am looking for something in the mist, but no one can find it." Good novels are always easy to read the taste of fatalism. However, if there is life, the fate of whom? The summer of 1993, I just read a, originally very timid English I spent a whole summer reading English version of "gone with the wind", a lot of places, but was attracted, so after the end of the summer and in the library of Peking University Chinese read the "gone with the wind". At that time, also don’t know in this novel with a taste of the autobiography, author Margaret · Mitchell in the novel manufacturing fatalism rather look down, even unconsciously, the novel will be included in the second novel list. But 16 years later to see the movie "gone with the wind", the understanding is completely different, a few details, already understand that it is just like a problem, what is decreed by fate, life. The beginning of the movie, Scarlett’s father riding a horse galloping in the manor, fate has begun. At that moment, I seemed to understand all the truth in the famous story. Scarlett’s father is rather rude but stubborn irish. Then, the white Reed, is furious pride and strong man? Look at Ashley, he is on the contrary, refined and cultured English gentleman like man. Thus, they can immediately understand why he Scarlett obsessed. Because Ashley and her father are completely opposite to the man. To apply my theory, it can be said that because of dissatisfaction with her father, so Scarlett has developed a "ideal father" prototype, which she grew up after the "ideal man" archetype. It is rude to her father, and her ideal prince charming is elegant. Scarlett finally understand, she did not love Ashley, she found that Ashley was a weak man, lack of vitality. When she knew, she still love Bai Ruide, she is always the irony, and she will tease her meticulous care and also has the vitality of man. However, in my opinion, "she does not love Ashley," this is just one aspect of the problem, but in any case that a man like Ashley, there will still be a special appeal to Scarlett, because close to such a man, she will feel that her life seems perfect. But further, she doesn’t really live with Ashley. Because, in fact, she never learned to get along with such a man相关的主题文章: