Eruption of! Tongxiang Phoenix Lake staged adorable baby version of white snake

Eruption of! Since the Tongxiang Phoenix Lake staged adorable baby version of the White Snake, the beautiful phoenix lake often become a hot topic in Jiaxing Tongxiang people WeChat scraper circle of friends! Beautiful scenery, perfect facilities, the pearl inlaid in the land of Tongxiang, naturally become the hearts of the people! In October 28th, a group called the "White Snake" version of the phoenix lake drying out the photos in the WeChat public unbroken circle of friends, a lot of adorable the hearts of the people of Tongxiang. This group of photos, followed by the daughter grace and the buddy bubble decorated with the "White Snake" and "Xu Xian" two characters. Due to the reasons for the work, often to the children to take pictures, a lot of cute children’s clothing. During the national day, the children’s version of "White Snake" hit, my daughter small to grace became hundred-percent Lady White fan, she put 5 sets of TV and read several times. "At her daughter’s love, I just want to buy her a children’s section as the white lady dress, let her have fun at home." Think of other children will like, but also more to buy a set of children’s clothing as Xu Xian. After the arrival of the clothing, small Lane home from school every day will be dressed as Lady White appearance, many neighbors saw all feel very cute. October 23rd coincides with the weekend, daughter to round a dream, with a little rain to grace and her good friend bubbles, came to Phoenix Lake had a group photo, and named "White Snake" version of Phoenix lake. "The process is very simple, is to let the children play while shooting costumes." Continue to say, Phoenix Lake scenic area is not only a water bridge, the scenery is also very good, so the shooting is very smooth, before and after it took only half an hour. "At that time, two children’s appearance will let many play in Phoenix Lake, loved the people, have to find a photo." This group of photos, small to grace and bubble and sometimes hand to walk around the lake, and on the zigzag bridge overlooking the umbrella, a shot. One of the two adorable baby in the scenic attractions bearing the wind and the moon on the bridge overlooking the photos, it is to shoot a taste of West Lake bridge. It said, she told a lot of people in Tongxiang, usually often take the family out of Phoenix Lake to play, it is the Phoenix Lake scenery, this group of photos will be like this color.相关的主题文章: