Enrique Messi’s physical problems are not worth praising-stand by me shinee

Enrique: Messi’s little players body is worth praising Enrique: we should have this game sina sports won despite the team occupy the absolute advantage, but Barcelona still in the home court to harvest a bitter draw, can’t use this game to reduce the gap with real madrid. After the game, Barcelona coach Enrique accepted the reporter’s interview, he believes the team in the game to get a victory, but for this game repeatedly made dispute the referee, Enrique refused to comment. For this game, Enrique said: "we in the game firmly occupy the initiative, we created a lot of chances to win, but we have to score it, but we failed to score, so we have no way to win the game, it is a foot shot, that is useless. We deserved to win the game, we can do better on the pitch, but now I’m going to praise our players and they can improve and improve." For this game is yet to score the Paco, Enrique also did not make criticism: "he and the team, are in a good state, unlike Coca-Cola, you can know the recipe. It will take a long time for a new player to score goals on a team like Barcelona, and I’m not going to ask the players to do the impossible." Talk about the referee made several controversial penalty, Enrique said: "I never called you in, I won’t go to the evaluation of the performance of the referee for the penalty, we have our own opinions, and Malaga have their own views, but in reality it is already." Peake, who has done well in the field, said: "Peake is doing well now and he is doing well in the whole minute."." Finally, Enrique also talked about because of physical discomfort for Messi: "without Messi, we lost the ball, Suarez also like to win and have to rely on the efforts of the team. Although Messi did not play this game, but Messi’s physical condition is not as bad as you think, I also hope that he can go back to the court." (Marco)相关的主题文章: