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Eight year old Weng and gigolette rental cohabitation 4 prosecution seventy wife to divorce – Sohu news what? The eight year old man Shenyang uncle Liu met a sixty female partner in square dancing, then uncle Liu derailed, and the dance company renting cohabitation. As for the dance partner a "confession", uncle Liu will again and again have been married for 40 years old wife to court for divorce. Uncle Liu and Zhou aunt early introduced to strangers, October 1969 registration of marriage. Now, the son already have a pension are old marry and settle down, two, enough to live comfortably. Nothing else, the two old people always love to go home downstairs small square dance exercise. In August 2013, Zhou aunt was suddenly living together for more than 40 years, uncle Liu sued the Yuhong District People’s court, said the breakdown of the feelings, personality, lack of communication and understanding, and asked Zhou aunt to divorce. Zhou aunt said do not agree with what. By the judge, and the two sides, the final withdrawal of Uncle liu. Unexpectedly, things just over 6 months, uncle Liu came to Yuhong District People’s court to demand the divorce judgment, Zhou aunt still does not agree, the court again rejected the claims of Uncle liu. February 2015, uncle Liu sued for divorce again. This time, Zhou aunt to uncle Liu to ascertain the reasons of divorce, the original uncle Liu has someone out there. Even so, Zhou aunt did not want to divorce. In the trial, uncle Liu refused to admit derailed, insisted that the breakdown of marriage, as one would like to divorce. After the court, dismissed the request of uncle Liu again. At the beginning of this year, uncle Liu once again to affection to sue for divorce and Zhou aunt. The presiding judge Zhao Ping repeatedly communicate, uncle Liu revealed the truth of the divorce again and again. It turned out that in the square dance dance, uncle Liu met a small woman more than and 20 years younger than their own. Each single one, seven meters tall, more than and 8 meters tall uncle liu. Uncle Liu said, never encountered and their dance so good, so inviting. In 2013, in the week when aunt to Thailand tourism, uncle Liu and the other came together. Uncle Liu take money to help each other to rent a cottage, to move in together. Uncle Liu said that the other side is a stranger, there is no stable source of income, thanks to his monthly pension of more than 2000 yuan. Because the other party has diabetes, uncle Liu felt a certain pressure, want to break up with each other, was rejected. No, uncle Liu wanted to divorce his wife, want to give each other an account. By the judge after persuasion, uncle Liu to realize his mistake, but still insist that the judge rejected the verdict, "so I don’t look to each other, not divorce, but the court sentenced away, I have no way." Yuhong District People’s court held that, uncle Liu suggested that both sides feelings have indeed broken the opinion, the court shall not be accepted. Taking into account the basis of marriage, marital status, physical condition and the obligation to support each other and other factors, should not be allowed to divorce both parties. In the end, the court ruled that the law dismissed uncle Liu’s request. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Wang Lijun相关的主题文章: