Don’t let the regulatory vacuum dry to eliminate the phagocytosis of children nvidia geforce gt 740m

Don’t let the regulatory vacuum dry to eliminate the phagocytosis of child protection of life safety of citizens, need to do after the rescue, but it is more important to avoid blocking the risk in advance, citizens fall into danger. To eliminate those hidden safety problems well, the government departments to public governance "on the short board". Hebei Baoding boys fall wells accident caused social concern for the well hidden problems. Media reporter depth Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Chengde and other places found that waste dry variety, the number is unknown, not to mention the effective management. The reporter asked a number of departments of water conservancy, agriculture, they are said not to waste their dry pipe. Baoding boy’s tragedy has enough of a shock, but even more shocking is that a large number of scattered in the outskirts of the wild abandoned dry, many without god. As long as the public security risks that continue to exist, the well engulfed the lives of the tragedy can not be avoided. This has exposed, is a common problem in local governance at present, for the buildings, most effective management, while those of the underground buildings and facilities, often difficult to enter the official notice, the sewer is so, so is the abandoned well. Why are there so many abandoned well? The first of these wells dug from the beginning, it is extremely chaotic state. In the China city and countryside, secretly hiring wells is very common. Before the media reported that Beijing urban and rural junction to mess wells, dug wells approval system useless. Government departments scattered around the number and location of wells unknown, when these wells abandoned into a natural time bomb. But after some legal approval was also well, good to go. Because of these wells have been opened, the daily management is basically in the state do not let things drift, said abandoned wells, many of the normal use of the same as well there may be some risk, too numerous to mention similar cases. What is more, these wells dug a canal, how to deal with waste, it is not a mandatory requirement, it is the management loophole created numerous people eat "black hole". Money can not wells, wells can be discarded, so the reality is behind the huge "regulatory vacuum". Obviously, the government departments and officials will be just as ordinary wells up from the underground construction, water resources and underground space management, they do not realize that these wells is also a public safety risk point. Frequent throughout the fall well is undoubtedly a major accident warning, so the extensive management mode can not continue. The first thing to do is to strengthen the dug wells, use and disposal of the whole process of supervision, to combat unauthorized wells without approval according to the law. For a large number of scattered in the urban and rural governments should be well stock, to the investigation of geological hazards investigation, these man-made hazards, at the same time in the management of active investigation, through incentives to encourage people to participate in the report, do not let a wells escape. For the investigation of the wells, should be recorded on file, the site put up obvious warning signs, good security measures, and arrange the daily inspection. For the property side wells, the government should supervise the property side limit.相关的主题文章: