Do not look at regret about the car driver examination

Do not look at regret about the car driver test on the September 9th net, the Ministry of transport announced the "new car as a taxi network about supporting policies and regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". According to the taxi driver qualification management regulations, from October 1st onwards, the driver engaged in the network about car service needs to participate in the national and local two examinations. Regulations also set the threshold of the exam, the examination staff to participate in the no five, there must be no violent criminal record. After passing the exam, you need to register to post, qualification registration valid for 3 years. Now a taxi difficult problem may be one of the livelihood of the people most concerned about, with drops, excellent step cart software such as the popularity of network about cars because of an important traffic characteristics of its convenience and low cost has become people’s travel. However, prior to the network about the car is always relatively loose policy results, the quality of employees uneven. Therefore, the current network about the current situation of the development of the car, in order to gradually increase the supply of institutional management, strengthen industry regulation. How to participate in the exam to obtain qualification? According to the relevant provisions of the qualification of the future network, about car driver can not streaking on the road, like the taxi driver to participate in the same exam. Network about car drivers need to apply for qualification examination, the need to participate in the national and local two examinations. Including the national public and regional subjects. The national public subject examination is the knowledge of the national taxi laws and regulations, professional ethics, service standards, safe operation and so on. Regional examination subjects, according to their own circumstances can be set according to the specific content of the examination. In other words, the network about the driver in the car after these exams to become a real operator, otherwise it will lose the network about car operation qualification. "Car" (Tencent Chu network’s car service platform) interpretation: the national level examination is mainly for specific problems, the Ministry of transport regulations set by the regional regional examination is set according to the local conditions of examination, mainly is the specific content of local regulations. The examination is the basic content of the written examination, and similar to the rules and regulations, whether it is a country or place, have the question bank. Question type is the main type of multiple-choice questions and judgment questions, not easy to answer questions such as jane. Considering the application when the driver’s personnel must have a driver’s license, so it will not repeat content examination test set. Who can take the exam? Qualification requirements on the network about the driver of the car set the threshold, that is not all people can apply for the network about car qualification examination. Specifically, only obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points recorded; no violent criminal record personnel might become net about car drivers. Those who meet the above conditions can apply for the examination. There is a car interpretation: no violent criminal records specifically, no robbery, robbery, intentional homicide, intentional injury, rape, explosion and other public security crimes and other crimes. If only "criminal detention" or civil!相关的主题文章: