Do not forget the early heart Wei teamed up with the Pu Bajia interpretation of history of struggle denka

"Do not forget the early heart" Wei teamed up with the Pu Bajia drift deduction struggle history – Sohu entertainment Weil and Pu Bajia     Sohu entertainment directed by the young director Yin Zhe, Wei, starring Pu Bajia, Jiang Chao, Ding Yuchen, Fang Qingzhuo portrait of joining the movie "do not forget the early heart" will be landing in the summer to release today. The movie has been recently in the national open circuit’s propaganda work, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xining, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, nine propaganda position has roadshow half, creative film do foreshadowing for preheating the drama. As a film actress, because looks like Carina Lau, Wei was affectionately known as the audience, little Carina Lau, said, in each of the road show also naturally become one of the most watched focus. The story came from abroad returnee Pu Bajia met North drifters heroine Saussurea, Saussurea in order to make money to cure his father, so also work part-time work in many other outlets, sell their products to overseas after two people due to all sorts of accidental mishaps triggered a series of the flat-share, amusing, thought-provoking the story. As the main female absolute film, Wei will be the first shock to Pu Bajia in the film as a lotus, a father to give money to Beijing for Beijing Youth treatment. Talk about why then play the role of a roadshow Wei said: "snow lotus and myself too sympathetic, and her own character have many similarities, love this role very much, her heart, their strong, and play on the family are touched by my place, play very happy at the same time; Wei also admitted that the epitome of youth in the role of drift is actually around us thousands on thousands of just graduated, very ordinary character it is especially need the test of acting, the audience will be familiar with the feeling. So in the process of shaping the role into a lot of personal experiences, also learned a lot of young people in Beijing’s story, the crew is very grateful to give me a so profound experience." Talk about an initial impression of Wei, the audience is directed by Zheng Xiaolong as "" Mi months pass a diaoman "Wei less", a profound impression to the audience "bad woman". In fact, the role of Wei and I have a very different character, can play so convincing to benefit from Wei’s acting. As in the theater department Kebanchushen Wei, has starred in many film and television works, with a "happy life" Yang Guang Chen angle in the eighth Hollywood Film Festival best new actress America Award; virtue in the film "three unmarried mother" in the performances won the 2012 fourth Macao international outstanding newcomer the Film Festival Award and in 2013 ninth Paris Film Festival Best Supporting Actress; 2013 was the fourteenth Chinese Film Art Academy Award for best actress, the London International Chinese Film Festival special award, so as when this young actor, Wei become acting on behalf of the highly recognized. In addition to outstanding performance skills, Wei also has the reach the acme of perfection of magic skills, is a professional magician, people familiar with her often called her "little witch". So might as well go into the cinema to re understand the "small.相关的主题文章: