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Deep market 10 years after the home, she want to bite a "unicorn" – the small table, the Sohu of science and technology of new media reporter Zhou Xiaoyan He Bin, editor, the 1 do Jiezhuang market after slowly eating — raising workers, occupied by the user’s mental, and through each category in this market to realize the standardized service in 2, previously settled business platform of the building materials manufacturers only occupy the entire home market 3%~5%, then this figure gradually rose to 10%~15%, God the 007 niche market. Meditation, replay the past week to make decisions is Jiezhuang market after service platform of God the 007 founder & CEO Ke Hua; every Sunday will do their homework. God the 007 layout spreading, every step chess how settled, she will be in the mind again. Hongkong grew up Ke Baihua fight, is a typical overbearing female president, the more in the absence of the background and conditions of the case, the more able to stimulate her morale. She was 20 years old when he tried alone cross national, cross industry, make the world in a strange environment, unfamiliar areas, will have industrial and commercial products of German SIEMENS management system for the United States, landing GE energy products for the Internet, the United States building materials retailer Home Depot to enter the market to explore China. But less than 40 years old, she was alone in the second half of life, open the start empty-handed. This time because she was in the world’s largest building materials retailer Home Depot landed in China and the acquisition of related building materials supermarket company, found that this piece of pain. Compared with foreign Chinese, consumers do not have their own installation and maintenance habits, they tend to make professional workers to install, so the third party Home Furnishing installation, maintenance or old house renovation services, although low but just, who filled the blank block service becomes difficult, Kohler, OPPLE and other large building materials manufacturers frequently have thousands of offline stores, to achieve cross regional provide door-to-door service, service process standardization and quality control difficult, and the pattern of overweight. In addition, the home improvement market workers do not want to bind with fixed vendors, they are more willing to be active in the market, then more single, earn more money. The market is not a home improvement services company can occupy the minds of consumers. Comprehensive consideration, do a collection of home improvement workers, specializing in the provision of installation, maintenance and other services after the home improvement market platform company, is a good business. Based on this, in early 2014, Ke Hua established focus home after the service platform — Shengong 007 of the market, at the same time, a business domain in the brain spread: Ke Hua from the end to undertake B (large manufacturers of building materials business platform) the single customer starts using the B end brand endorsement to establish a "reliable" the image at the C end users, and then gradually extended to the end of C, individual users to pay for service. God 007 has completed the four round of financing, are by far the mirror of capital investment and a team of 13 million yuan angel investment, Morningside capital $10 million A round of investment, and Shun capital and Morningside capital to participate in the 1000.相关的主题文章: