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Cold knowledge: about lying, you have " in mind; number "? – Hebei Channel – People’s original title: cold knowledge: about lying, you have the heart of the number? 2016 annual Ig Nobel psychology award recently awarded to Eveline? Derby and her colleagues, because they found thousands of people who lie, ask them to tell a few lies one day, and then determine what you can believe their answers. Although the old proposition of "liar paradox" has been discussed over and over again, can you have the "number" in mind? Why do people lie? According to American social psychologist Feldman, there are different levels of lies, while lie motives fall into three categories: what are the signals of lying? Psychologists believe that people don’t tell a lie to others, sometimes they don’t even think about it, and they don’t even admit they’re lying. When people lie, the more they want to hide their inner feelings, the more they will be exposed by the change of many kinds of body movements. How many lies should a liar spend in a day? From Belgium, Canada, Germany, the United States and Holland. The statistics of the psychologist in 24 hours looking people thousands, 27.52% of people said that their 1 or 2 lie, on average, each person will say 2.2 lies a day. Is lying related to age? According to Evelyn derby and her colleagues’ statistics on the number of lying in different age groups within 24 hours, it is easy to see that 13 to 29 years old is a relatively high frequency of lying. Who do college students love to lie to? According to the investigation and analysis of College Students’ lying behavior and attitude, the result shows that college students lie most frequently to netizens, up to 86.3%, followed by parents and lovers, and relatively few lie to brothers and sisters. College students love what? According to the content of lying, the proportion of love and sex in the lies of college students is the highest, reaching 47.1%. The second is learning, spending money and health. Many studies have found that lying is actually a very mental thing, and a lie often needs a series of lies to cover it up. In this small series, I want to say, in the "tired feeling not love", "people not difficult to dismantle" years, please less a little routine, a little more sincere…… What do you think about "lying"? Welcome to share ~ source in the comments: "Acta Psychologica", "lies" Paul Ekman?, "the investigation and analysis of college students" lying behavior and attitude, family health report (Xiao Xiaojin handsome (Internship) design: (Wu Fanyu): Chen Siwei, commissioning editor Chen Ru Jian)

冷知识:关于撒谎,你心中有"数"吗?–河北频道–人民网 原标题:冷知识:关于撒谎,你心中有“数”吗?   2016年度 “搞笑诺贝尔心理学奖”日前颁发给了伊芙琳?德比和她的同事们,因为他们找来了上千个说谎的人,问他们一天要撒几个谎,然后判断哪些时候可以相信他们的答案。尽管“谎言者悖论”这个古老的命题一再被讨论,关于撒谎,你能做到心中有“数”吗?   人为什么要说谎?   美国社会心理学家费尔德曼认为,谎言有不同层次之分,而说谎的动机归为三大类:   说谎都有哪些“信号”?   心理学家认为,人们会不自觉地向别人撒谎,有时连想也不想,甚至不承认自己在撒谎。人在撒谎的时候越是想掩饰自己的内心,越是会因为多种身体动作的变化而暴露无遗。   “骗子”一天要撒多少谎?   来自比利时、加拿大、德国、美国和荷兰的心理学家对上千个在24小时内撒过谎的人进行统计,27.52%的人表示,自己说了1个或者2个谎,平均算下来,每个人一天要说2.2个谎。   说谎与年龄有关吗?   根据伊芙琳?德比和她的同事们对“24小时内不同年龄段说谎次数的统计”,我们不难看出,13至29岁是说谎频率相对较高的年龄段。   大学生爱对谁说谎?   根据《大学生说谎行为及态度的调查与分析 》显示,在说谎对象的选择上,大学生对网友撒谎最多,高达86.3% ,其次是父母和恋人,对兄弟姐妹撒谎相对较少。   大学生爱撒什么谎?   从说谎内容上看,大学生谎言中恋爱与性方面的内容所占比例最高,达47.1%。其次是学习情况、金钱花费和健康状况。   很多研究都发现,撒谎其实是一个非常费脑力的事情,而且一个谎言往往需要一连串儿的谎言去掩盖。在此小编想说,在“累觉不爱”、“人艰不拆”的岁月中,请少一点套路,多一点真诚……关于“撒谎”这件事,你怎么看?欢迎在评论中分享~   资料来源:《Acta Psychologica》,《说谎》保罗?埃克曼著,《大学生说谎行为及态度的调查与分析 》,家庭保健报(肖潇 靳帅帅(实习) 设计:武凡煜) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: