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Chinese football this year   regret too much hope — many sports — original title: this year Chinese Chinese football team captain Zheng Zhi (right) took the captain’s armband China football players before the start of each other and encouraging Guangzhou Heng brigade to lift the Premier League trophy in the FA Cup final settled, this year the China football tournament basically come to an end. A review of the year course, too much regret, hope there are a lot of surprises: Men’s soccer team from the outlet to the verge of out; women’s experience Olympic trials began to grow; the Super League also worries behind the prosperity…… One year time concentrated fans for the Orangemen also contains a tangle of emotions, never regret hope. I wish this sad and depressed feeling Road, a bright future can rise to Chinese football. Men’s soccer: Gaokaidizou hopes 0:0 Xiping home court Qatar National team soccer team, China finished all match tasks for 2016. In the various events to participate in the national team 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, of which the World Cup qualifier of 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. But in the world cup 12 strong Asian Championships, the Orangemen 5 games without victory, scoring 378 minutes. From the burning hope to see hope, all cannot do without jienangxiangzhu Qataris "". At the beginning of this year, led by the poor performance of the French coach Perrin class. Local coach Gao Hongbo stepped in, led the team to the Asian preliminaries 40 finals. In the circumstances the line condition, the Orangemen in Wuhan in Maldives, ushered in with Qatar’s key war in Xi’an. At that time, the country wants to qualify, not only to win, but also need other competitors make mistakes. However, the national football team returning to drama staged Jedi, after a lapse of 15 years after the return to the round of 12, jubilation. In a low profile into the top 12 countries, the first group is facing the strongest opponent in Korea and Iran. In Seoul, the Orangemen behind 0:3 when fighting diminished, even into the two ball, glorious defeat; in Shenyang, China with Iran, the first integral to obtain 12 of the race. The trough is be caught off guard. The first is the home court for goalkeeper mistakes, is recognized as the underdog defeated Syria, and then in the passive away defeat of Uzbekistan. Let Chinese two defeats team score in the bottom, and coach Gao Hongbo in the lineup and command on the short board is unlimited. In Tashkent, Gao Hongbo announced his resignation, Public opinion is seething with indignation. The foot to start coaching change, the "silver fox" Lippi returned to Chinese. One month after taking office, Lippi to bring the biggest change is confidence. Prior to this, Lippi mouth of the players in the national team to play only 40% level of remarks, proved in actual combat is not virtual. Goodbye old rivals Qatar National Football overwhelmingly, but bad luck. However, a timely rain draw enough to quell the question. Qatar coach even slightly flattered to say, according to such a kick, the Chinese team into the world cup. At the end of the draw, once again let people see the hope of the country. People hope to marshal Lippi to copy the success of Hengda period. In 2017, Chinese football can change a life? Women’s football: after the Olympic Games on the road again相关的主题文章: