Chinese first tanacu lunar counterattack international endorsement Market sweets parade

"Chinese first tanacu" Lunar counterattack international endorsement market had even a rehearsal room, do not need their own stepping sewing costumes, all series of original songs, MV the most exquisite ultimate achievement indeed all women in the China and out of class performance ability and literacy artist group…… The story of Lunar in this year, with the Youth Daily, asian idol list list, a succession of events, the media dig more clearly in front of the public. Why let the most have the most grass-roots grass root of the original idol tanacu, in numerous capital gold, "with a silver spoon in her mouth," the introduction of the overseas IP, the containment of survival ultimately unbeaten, out of his own way?   is a small stage of the dream of not abandon? Are all the way along with the fans given the endless power of solidarity? Or a determination to become the idol of the pride and honor? Probably all have. More than ten hours a day training, rehearsals, shooting…… May be very hard, but for a group of 5 years of hard struggle to have their first rehearsal room after the children of 95, the hard work is happy. Lunar has become a new Nissin food spokesmen news in recent weeks has spread like wildfire. This is the first case of domestic and international large original idol endorsement market counterattack. Nissin food is the leading Japanese popular food brand, the former spokesperson is well-known in Asia Twins. Such as the declaration of Lunar’s initial departure…… "A high starting point, a strong background, abundant funds, perhaps everyone is like, but when you do not have all of this, whether it can start?" Louder and louder Lunar’s singing, will give you an answer!" In November 8th, the Shanghai Bay cultural theatre, on behalf of Lunar products in a large conference will be on the evening of the 19:00! Pang Xueqian, Chen Hong, member of Dong Shunqi, Zhang Chen, Wang Lei, Li Wenjia, Yan Liqing, Cheng Xinyi, Sun Wei, Gu Linjie, Zhuang Liman, Chen Shuo, Huang Zhiyan, Wu Wenyan will debut in the premiere of "daybreak"; "happy" "Melody Love" answer "Confessions" "Remember" "Crystal Love" buy "! Buy! Buy! "" Rose Garden "" "" "the myth of their song" Mistaken Destiny "" Pray "and other songs in the past Lunar performances in full debut. At the same time, as China women’s first endorsement of the international tourist city, is also the first case of Lunar will be released on November by "Kagonma" heavy fighting will also be the first debut! Is a new era of the Silk Road? The most distinctive one or China women’s team to the international arena footprints? Or is that once a rehearsal room, do not rely on their own handmade costumes to go step by step shaking counterattack? Let us witness. Finally for a welfare! From now until November 8th before the show. In any subway station in Shanghai to find the image of Lunar and take pictures of micro-blog, there will be a surprise benefits! Specific to Lunar micro-blog.相关的主题文章: