China held a farewell ceremony for Li Tie fans chanted his name-midd-885

Before Li Tie held a farewell ceremony for Chinese fans chanting his name Li Tie attended the farewell sina sports news the evening of September 10th, the twenty-fourth round of super league matches, Hebei Huaxia happiness team home court against Guangzhou Heng brigade. Before the start of the game, the Chinese happy Club specifically for the team’s former coach Li Tie held a small farewell ceremony, thanks to the past 36 games coached by Li Tie. From the beginning of the game when there is half an hour, the scene with the host to suppress the mood to roar: now we introduce an old friend familiar. Then, the big screen appeared marshal Li Tie figure, the fans immediately shouted in unison the former coach of the Chinese happy name. With the big screen broadcast of the game Li Tie taught every game, the fans are back to the thoughts of the full memories of Li Tie. In the cheers of the audience, Li Tie led his two daughters to go into this familiar stadium. Two daughters are wearing a shirt with the number 12, which also means that Li Tie and his family will always support the Chinese team. In the farewell ceremony, the chairman of Hebei Huaxia Happiness Club Jun ye, presented a piece with number 36 Jersey Hebei Huaxia happiness to Li Tie, this is also thanks to Li Tie together happy with China team for 36 games. Finally, the fans in the audience then shouts and applause continued to thank Li Tie for Li Tie, led to the Chinese happy memories. (Yuan Ye)相关的主题文章: