Changsha small holiday travel folk flavor dense family travel high proportion remonstrate

Changsha holiday folk custom tourism concentrated family outing with high proportion of high streets and back lanes decorated, on both sides of Xiangjiang tourists during the Mid Autumn Festival, the Changsha everywhere is filled with a thick atmosphere of the festival. In the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Changsha total tourism income of 1 billion 251 million yuan, more than one million visitors. Among them, the moon, the lantern, DIY moon cake and other colorful traditional folk activities, let visitors to Changsha addicted. Mount Yuelu, Du Jiang Pavilion, Liuyang Dawei Mountain, Ningxiang Weishan, Changsha County Shiyan lake and other attractions for visitors to the moon. Among them, Mount Yuelu 3 days total tourists more than 25 people; Tianxin tourists 7774 passengers, an increase of 33.2% over last year. "Our lights · 2016 orange lantern art festival" to attract a large number of tourists and the public are eager to go, first day tourists more than 8 people; the Ocean Lake Wetland Park to carry out light delicacy Festival and Mid Autumn Festival special prayers and worship activities, 3 days a total of 157 thousand and 400 tourists trips; Hunan province forest botanical garden theme "firefly" activities, so that the more than 20 thousand visitors to the 30 million lamps light up the sky fantasy scene; Changsha huogongdian also hosted 2016 mid autumn festivals, Tujia, Miao, Yao, Bai, Uygur, Gaoshan minority Intangible Cultural Heritage Program performances staged…… According to statistics, during the small holiday, the majority of the public and tourists to travel short distance, and self driving and high-speed rail traffic to become the first choice. In addition, the whole family collective action to the suburbs farmhouse play has become a major feature. Sales from the major travel agencies, the family travel accounted for about 10% of the market share, the proportion was significantly higher than usual. (Luo Yu Yang Xiaomei Li Mansi)相关的主题文章: