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Central Environmental Inspectorate team to   Henan a total of 1231 people responsible for duty – Henan Channel – People’s original title: Central Environmental Inspectorate team came (green focus) the first batch of central environmental inspectors in the work site. (National Environmental Protection Office of inspector for map) Note: November 12th to 23, the first batch of environmental inspectors accept the central 8 provinces began to receive feedback, groups of inspectors around the inspectors without mercy, opinion sharp, direct point. Since the central environmental Inspectorate group went to work in July this year, the whole society is highly concerned about. How to carry out the work of the inspectors, the inspectors have made what effectiveness, how to continue to promote environmental protection around the inspectors, the pressure of environmental protection through the supervision of the Party committee and government of the layers of conduction? With these questions, this reporter recently went to Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other places in-depth research. On the morning of November 12th, the first group of central environmental inspectors the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region inspectors feedback will be held. Informed opinion, "Union City Party Committee Standing Committee half little topic of environmental protection, some even a year did not study the problem of environmental protection" and "89 national and provincial nature reserve in 41 the situation of illegal" statement, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Hao Qingwen heart five mixed. Inner Mongolia environmental protection work under great pressure, heavy burden, some comrades on the green development needs to be further improved." Hao Qingwen tone heavy told reporters that the protection of the ecological environment is related to the overall situation, Inner Mongolia to iron determination, iron measures, do a good job of environmental issues rectification. Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia, the first to accept the central environmental inspectors in 8 provinces, many cadres like Hao Qingwen, feel heavy pressure. Before and after the inspectors and inspectors during high intensity work and let their thoughts on what one sees and hears, "hitherto unknown touch", under the weight of someone even lost a lap". The reporter saw in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other places through the interview, "and" party "and" government, environmental protection pressure conduction layers, a number of environmental issues people reflect strong or protracted resolved, local Party leadership attaches great importance to environmental protection work to hitherto unknown degree. The conduction pressure, so that environmental protection has become not shirk the responsibility of "environmental protection standards, in order to cross the border, emperor did not dare to help him to bear this responsibility" the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate first appeared at the beginning of this year, the Hebei inspectors strict feedback after the wording, beyond many people’s expectations. "No matter the first batch to us, we have to sort out the problems in the work." Before the first batch of 8 provinces to accept the inspector’s list is announced, many places have spread wildly beating gongs and drums of self-examination and rectification work, some also went to Hebei province to learn "". The autonomous region has done a lot of work before groups of inspectors, including combing the region’s environmental problems, which have taken corrective measures, to what extent, be aware of." Hao Qingwen told reporters. Central environmental inspectors group is the place of supervision相关的主题文章: