Castlevania developers and KONAMI said the island only really understand the game part company each happynewyear

Castlevania developers and KONAMI said the island was part company each going his own way to understand the game Castlevania: Lords of shadow area of mercury vapor (Mercurysteam), the Spanish game developers, with another form of re shaping the classic KONAMI IP "demon city". By the development of "Castlevania: Lords of shadow" has won a good reputation, but launched a series of "Castlevania: Shadow Master: fate of the mirror" and "shadow King 2", said the series of mercury vapor will not have a sequel. Eurogamer interviewed two key figures of Dave Cox and Enric Alvarez of the mercury vapor, you speak the truth, revealed the reason and the main reason is the KONAMI part company each going his own way, or on the concept of sub game development. "Demon city: the shadow king" is KONAMI’s decision to suspend cooperation, "the shadow king, producer Dave Cox said," for the direction of development, they have different ideas. They want to invest more in mobile games, and want to put more development work in japan. In this case, both for me or studio, of course, will choose from." "At the time, I think KONAMI didn’t know what they wanted to do. It is clear that they are still developing the "alloy equipment", but also the development of "football". But from the company’s point of view, what they want to do, but there is no accurate vision." In the course of the interview, Dave Cox also praised Kojima Hideo, "he said in the development process of the shadow king", the island has played an indispensable role. "I have to tell you that Mr. island is not an arrogant man," Dave said. "He gave us the right to free development, and we are very supportive. Should not the island for our team support, there will be no original "shadow king". Japanese manufacturers are not the devil city brand to a western team, it is because of the island, we can do it all. He gave us the chance." Dave’s partner, Enric, also gave Kojima Hideo a high rating: "really, I don’t have a complaint about mr.. He’s a real game developer, and he knows and has the same idea as we do about the devil, and he supports us." After KONAMI broke up, mercury vapor is now independent game developers identity making their online multiplayer new "alien Raiders". (source: HKGNEWS editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: