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"Brain hole wide open" nurse Gao Bo dedicated "egg adventure bridge" – Sohu entertainment   ";" brain hole wide open two large Sohu staged fierce entertainment news quiz youth science quiz show "ChiaTai?" brain hole wide open, the second phase of the program on the evening of November 13th 18:00 in the CCTV wonderful staged. This program highlights upgrade again: two teams staged fierce big quiz, Gao Bo "to give" on the bridge, protecting the brain hole wide open egg, the ultimate showdown "do not want long brigade into the final winner. The size of the perfect interpretation of the children do not know, science is really wonderful, leading the hands-on science boom! The rain rainbow discovered Gao Bo experiment "to give" on the second phase of the program a bridge opening, the host Gao Bo led the size of the guests using effervescent tablets generated by gas and water momentum as the audience friends bring a wonderful "rainbow rain", so busy opening, attracted the audience exclaimed again and again. The spirit of pursuing scientific concept show wonderful, this shows burning brain quiz links the topic set is very special, "what are the objects in life can be suspended in the dryer and adhere to ten", "why can’t back to the big cats animal?" Interesting topic let the guests have brain hole wide open, each one sticks to his own view. The two teams tied to the third questions about "why the chicken can easily break out?" The two sides launched a heated discussion. "Do not want long brigade," said Chen Huan brain hole wide open, because the chick’s mouth is sharp in order to break out from the inside out!" The Russian team with the team David said it was related to the shell arch structure. In order to explore the truth, the program group brought styrofoam arch bridge, the arch bridge after the imitation of the internal structure of eggshell, and the host Gao Bo is regardless of their own safety "to give" station after stitching on fracture broken bridge, successfully verified the mechanical characteristics of the arch structure of the arch bridge which is a strange, magical mechanical structure of audience wow. Egg protection program ten election four eggs hit the earth mystery big announced how to make the egg from the height of 5 meters fall and not broken, on the stage, curious youth team and the future of the next doctor a brainstorm. After the scene of a creative spark collision, second points off the competing points – in the ten egg care in the creative, the two teams to determine which of the four programs can eventually protect the eggs in full. According to the current round to answer the correct number of points to the new rules, to the stage, do not want long brigade and curious youth team have added a bit of pressure to choose. The video of the four final correct answer from OTC recording announced: from foam bags, paper cups, popcorn and watch the balloon parachute egg complete "landing", and installed in the salt water, frozen in the ice shelf, in Straw, plug in tennis, wrapped in a basket and fell on the quilt. Egg "snapped" in a mess. Dr. Deng Chuhan unlock the mystery of the future – to reduce the shock of landing eggs, only to protect its lightweight landing. Fun and stressful egg experiment wrapped Tibetan life wisdom. This time, "don’t want to answer three questions, long brigade" wins "the curious youth team by. Curious teenager life hanging line!相关的主题文章: