Bob Dylon’s Hockney captures the peculiar nature of America t420s

Bob · Hockney Dylan’s paintings captures the fantastic nature of "U.S. Highway 61 Revisited" Bob · three pictures Dylan "endless road" series of source: Adam Reich Halcyon Gallery in Bob · before Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature, the experts will discuss the comparison between Dylan and Keats. People in the selection, Dylan will change his poetic writing songs are indeed very different from John, · Keats writing the song ballad "weird" ruthless siren (La Belle Dame Sans Merci) the way. But it’s not the case when people judge Dylan’s paintings. Dylan and John · Kangsite Bo par is meaningless, when it comes to painting, Dylan became like the Brook forest ice cream shop, appearing a bluff old fashioned taste. He painted all he saw things, despite what he sees may be subtle blend of American in all aspects, which in his recent London jade Gallery (Halcyon Gallery) held in the exhibition at a glance. The peculiar nature of the United States is so penetrating. A group of Midwestern residents were staring at a playground show depicting "harem" – a scene in Dylan’s dream For the most part of the day, Dylan recorded all the strange things in real life with real insight and patience. "The center of New York Manhattan bridge", written by Dylan 2015-2016 "in the center of New York Manhattan bridge", written by Dylan 2015-2016 Dylan sometimes paint: he went straight to the front of a car and draw the sketch for it, because the stop at the snack shop the way he love this car. He painted the cheese and bread shop, they painted blue and yellow light; the street graffiti has escaped his brush. He looked up at the sky, painted the vast expanse of the sky; he drew the Manhattan grand bridge, to draw the general twilight desert of flames. He knows how to look. His paintings are complex and sincere and full of curiosity. He had a lively and relaxed scale, can prevent the painting into a pure pedantic. Life is always a surprise to him. Most of his sketch is the theme of city edge common broken corner, those fading, reflects the United States between the nature of the local coffee shop, car cinema, stadium overnight. A lot of American stories and ballads are in these places, but they are now mysterious and obscure. They are looked at from the outside, and the people who look at them have no intention of changing what they see. Is it appropriate to call Dylan an artist? Located in New Bond Street in London (New Bond Street) jade Gallery, in a richly decorated shop, which exhibits the exhibits exudes a self indulgent temperament, which makes people look forward to see. Dylan only face相关的主题文章: