Blue cloud and creative animation film reached a strategic cooperation build creative ecosyst noiseware

Blue cloud and creative animation film reached a strategic cooperation   build the general manager of the ecosystem, the media — Catier culture media chairman Zhang Kai, China film animation industry limited company chairman Lu Yongquan Huang Jun, blue ocean Creative cloud handshake signed in August 31st, China film animation creative cloud – Blue Ocean strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony and Chinese New Zealand CO produced the film "magic like the legend of the" crew set up ceremony held at the Beijing film base in Huairou. The general manager of China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd. Huang Jun, deputy general manager Chen Zhenyu, blue ocean Creative cloud chairman Lu Yongquan, New Zealand Huhu Studios International Group founder and chairman of Trevor Yaxley, the international production department manager Huang Liang?, Beijing huagan International Film Culture Media Limited company general manager Zhou Luofeng, Kay day culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Kai. Chinese movie network editor Huang love big coffee industry attended the event, witnessed China animation industry giant and the world’s first cloud Cultural Creative Industry Park "marriage". Combining the strengths of the health record industry ecosystem in the animation film shares owns film and television film and animation works produced right subsidiary business covers the original animation project planning, animation and television animation, film, animation derivative product development, game development and animation brand operation, play a pivotal the role in leading large-scale development Chinese animation career. The blue ocean is the new creative cloud incubator platform Internet plus creative + finance, basic required funds, talents, resources and channels of a project in the integration of paper, through professional services and management tools to achieve enterprise, team and individual cross regional collaborative creation, breaking the traditional cultural and creative industries will work mode. The production and management of the Internet technology and the public record, Zhongzhi thinking mode to the fusion of cultural and creative industries, to create a new cultural and creative environment. The two sides reached a comprehensive cooperation, will promote China Film Animation and creative cloud in the blue ocean resources, channels, project comprehensive docking, guide cultural creativity, more national animation, film and television projects using blue ocean Creative cloud professional services and technology, and improve the system of effective Internet creative industry ecosystem. AgileShot shock released for film and television production to provide the best solution to regulate the film production in the process of operating standards, the same day by the blue ocean Creative cloud and China Film Animation jointly established Agile Shot v1.0 film production process management system officially released. According to reports, this is a cultural and creative industry and the birth of the monitoring and management system. The management system from the perspective of global film production management, production practice, attention to every detail in the operation, to help professionals to effectively control in the management of process supervision, role setting, data storage and sharing, project audit and unpacking, financial budget and payments, online examination etc, to provide the best solution for film production process. As another important part of the strategic cooperation in New Zealand, Chinese films like "magic legend" crew was formally established on the same day. By moving film crew)相关的主题文章: