Blessed are the fans! Miss Pei and other 5 Hollywood blockbuster file

Blessed are the fans! "Miss Pei" and other 5 Hollywood blockbuster after another set of files, "Miss Pei’s fantasy castle," the mainland file December 2nd time Reuters   in the mainland of China in 2016 to introduce the number of accounts may be increased! In October 22nd twentieth Century, the Fuchs company "and" next door "Pei Miss fantasy Castle", announced in November 8th and December 2nd respectively set file. Then the paramount "spy alliance" (November 23rd), Disney) "marine romance" (November 25th), Warner’s "Captain Sally" (November 29th) have also set file. Coupled with the earlier identified "strange" magical animal doctor "where" and Ang Lee’s "Billy Lynn’s midfield and Feng Xiaogang’s war", "I am not Pan Jinlian" in November, the mainland market crowded the hitherto unknown. Next week, the domestic imported film release pattern, Billy · Lynn’s midfield war, the domestic film side responded, the identity of the film is still in the final identity. However, judging from today’s film to calculate the amount of imports this year, as many as 38 copies of the quota has been expected to break the previous quota limit of 34 places. I do not know, the next year will continue to increase the number of imported films. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" debut in the mainland in December Lunar New Year stalls, the past is rare, live Hollywood blockbuster in the past are introduced at the end of November after the December 2015 release of the last part of the account is the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants". The December 2nd release of "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" belongs to the high cost of fantasy blockbuster, by Tim · directed by Burton, when the film is about Jack’s grandfather Jack was small, it will often tell bedtime stories to him, there are many children with special abilities in the story. Grandpa after the mysterious death, leaving about this belong to another world all the mystery of clues, Jack followed these clues into the mysterious world, found that this group of strange children are real, they are here in order to avoid the terrible monster variation. With the arrival of Jack, the danger arrived at the same time, Jack needs to work with these children, against the dark forces. The November 8th release of "next door" company belongs to the action comedy, "Wonder Woman" by Gail · gadot starring, the film tells the story of a suburban couple (Zach · Ella ·, Ann gallifet Nargis; Fischer) found that to keep up with the Jones family, Gail Hamm (Joe · · gadot it is not easy to). They are the new neighbor is too The brightness dazzles the eyes. exquisite. And when they found out that Jones and his wife were secret agents, things got more complicated. Disney’s latest animated film "ocean romance" file November 25th, North America and quasi synchronous (November 24th). The film tells the story of a long time ago in the South Pacific, a family born Moyana in order to find the legendary mysterious island adventures. During the journey, she met with the half god, half of the people, and met the great sea creatures, the suffocating darkness and the ancient legends. Cleander D相关的主题文章: