Beijing the Imperial Palace hundred Shoushan Stone treasures homecoming for the first time in Beijin pr011.msi

Beijing the Imperial Palace hundred Shoushan Stone treasures first "homecoming" – Beijing, Beijing, Fuzhou, September 30 (Lin Chunyin) three years of brewing, "living in Beijing" the Imperial Palace treasures treasures to Shoushan stone. 30, Beijing the Imperial Palace’s collection of hundreds of pieces of Shoushan stone products, first came to the Fuzhou Shoushan Stone Town "exhibition; contemporary arts and crafts masters in Fujian are also carrying 100 pieces of Shoushan stone carving boutique, with the United States and the United states. In Chinese "four big stone" is the first of the Shoushan stone, produced in Fuzhou Shoushan township. Fuzhou Shoushan Stone long mining history, the Qing Dynasty is the peak of Shoushan stone carving art development. Beijing the Imperial Palace museum is now in possession of the Qing relics of Shoushan stone carving nearly two thousand pieces, including different types of Bao Xi, statues, stationery, jade, etc. is emperor, are rare works of art and precious cultural relics. The Imperial Palace museum collections of Shoushan stone seal. Wang Dongming photo exhibition Shoushan stone relics include fine seal printed materials, religious figures, furnishings and ornaments in three categories, deep love of the famous "Qianlong Tianhuang three chain", the emperor’s new "Yong Zheng Yong Zheng special treasure", "auspicious new Ci Xi empress dowager empress dowager Ci Xi Yulan treasure. Yuxi has unveiled. The organizers said, the "hometown Shoushan stone exhibition scale is unprecedented, nearly half of the exhibits have not external display, including religious figures and ornaments furnishings are for the first time out of the the Imperial Palace. Many Fuzhou Shoushan stone culture enthusiasts from such friend, Chilian stop. The same day, the Beijing the Imperial Palace museum research librarian Yun Yun Shi Yu Limei lecture "Meiru — the Imperial Palace collection Shoushan Stone", also All seats are occupied. The exhibits, is undoubtedly the most attractive in the Qing Dynasty imperial collection, use of Shoushan stone seal. According to the introduction, in the collection of the Imperial Palace Museum, the emperor seal, especially by Emperor Yong Zheng of the Shoushan stone seal in quantity and quality are the best. The Imperial Palace museum collections of Shoushan stone seal. Photo by Wang Dongming hall, the two party Yong Zheng was still the prince with carved seal engraved "Shuo Yunlong, Prince Yong Bao" and "Yuci Lang Yin Ge Bao" respectively, for the Yong Prince copying the previous painting, copy of emperor Kangxi had heart and "Fu" on longevity. "Yong Zheng Niu Shoushan Stone Carving Dragon rescript treasure" and "Yong Zheng Pro Yin treasure", is Yong Zheng in the early production of material, exquisite carving are extraordinary, called the national treasure. Deep Qianlong’s favorite "three chapter Tianhuang chain" has vividly on the stamps and the world, this also appeared in Fuzhou. Three block printing Tian Huang stone ring chain, is composed of a piece of land in Huangshi carved, ingenious, like nature itself. This research experts believe that the Qing emperors Shoushan stone seal can be found, compared with the early Qing Dynasty seal exquisite carving elaborate, decoration luxurious, late seal carved to expect from the box is simple, monotonous, reflects the historical changes of the Qing Dynasty from prosperity to decline. (end)相关的主题文章: