Bear Chaojing color 2 string 1 Belarus to win the victory of Bosnia and Herzegovina sorpack

Bear Chaojing color 2 string 1: Belarus to win the victory of Bosnia and Herzegovina Monday 003 World Cup Belarus VS Luxemburg 2016-10-11 02:45 in Belarus the World Cup qualifier against Holland, France and Sweden in the same group, the team basically no hope, but after entering in 2016, the team performance is also good, the tournament 7 consecutive games 2 wins 3 flat 2 negative results, although last week off the field against Holland, but Belarus’s home court power is also good, the World Cup qualifying round, the team will draw the French team in the home court, the game in the face of the worst home court team in the same group Luxemburg, Belarus has the ability to win the opponent. Luxemburg’s strength is very weak, the team players are silently nobodies, the World Cup qualifying zhanba two games, Luxemburg has lost to Bulgaria and Sweden, but two games are a ball small negative, the game away against Belarus strength is not strong, the lack of natural cold stroke people to pay close attention to, but taking into account to the team the last 10 away games 1 flat 9 negative without a win, the last two visits to Belarus in the face of all the lost, the attack and the road, the team still cautious better. SMG Shengping Fu played a 1.24-4.60-9.50 compensation combination, pertinent expression of the home team advantage, Belarus before the performance of the two games is not too bright at all, and Luxemburg on the round face of home court in Sweden, eventually lost only 1 balls, the disc to the Lord let a ball ball half the high water start, and historical area is more agreement, the note after the plate water level decline slowly, having many companies rise disk main let the ball half pattern, the fundamentals of heat in the general case, the disc no fear footwall settlement may, the game Belarus won easily, SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played to a ball pattern the radio advice, the main victory. On Monday the 009 World Cup in Cyprus is 2016-10-11 02:45 VS in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina the World Cup qualifier in group H in traditional teams, in addition to the thriving of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, there were no other teams too competitive at all, although last week in the first 4 goals defeat at Billy’s feet, but returned to the home court against Cyprus, the array has Dzeko, P Janic and other powerful players in Bosnia and Herzegovina or have a greater advantage, also need to pay attention to is always good at home court of Bosnia and Herzegovina operations, the last 7 home court match 4 wins and 3 draws unbeaten, trustworthy force. Cyprus’s strength is very bad, the team of the World Cup qualifying zhanba two games, the team has lost to Belgium and Greece, two games at the same time a ball into the lost 5 ball, the offensive end broke lack technique, the defensive line, but note that Its loopholes appeared one after another., at last year’s European Cup qualifier, Cyprus Bosnia and Herzegovina had divided in the same group, when the team beat the opponent away upset, the attack and the road, Cyprus will not easily admit defeat. SMG Shengping Fu played a 1,16-5.50-12.00 payment portfolio, given the confidence, the first round of qualifying 5 ball home court of Bosnia and Herzegovina swept Estonia, showing a powerful offensive ability, and cyprus.相关的主题文章: