Baiyun Airport a passenger to secretly put the emergency slide sentenced to administrative detention

Baiyun Airport a passenger to secretly put the emergency slide sentenced to 13 days of administrative detention Nanfang Daily News (reporter Liu Qian     correspondent Luo Zhijuan) in October 28th 13 PM, Baiyun airport flight passengers in the process, has opened the passenger aircraft emergency slide, directly lead to subsequent flight replacement aircraft. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the airport public security organs sentenced to administrative detention for 13 days. It is understood that the 28 day at 12:55, Baiyun airport operation command center received a report, an airline docked in the 221 seats of the aircraft left the gate 3 emergency slides are released. After verification, when the aircraft is off, sitting in a 36 year old man Lee 46A passenger seat, to open the aircraft left the gate 3, causing the aircraft emergency slides out. After the end of the plane, the public security organs will be taken away lee. The incident directly led to the subsequent flight to Chongqing Guangzhou affected, airlines immediately change the aircraft. According to the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law, Lee was sentenced to 13 days of administrative detention by the police. Because of the behavior of several million dollars in economic losses caused by the airline, the airline said reserves the right to claim. In the attention of industry experts pointed out that the emergency slide is to enable the aircraft in case of emergency equipment, mainly used for the evacuation of passengers, to help passengers escape. Like a misplaced slide, may harm the passenger’s own safety, affect the normal landing flight, on the other hand also to airlines and other travel inconvenience. Aircraft as a special means of transport, the cabin design of each of the pieces of equipment are carrying the safety of the vast number of passengers, the opportunity must be accompanied by strict compliance with the requirements of the crew. Baiyun Airport strongly urged the passenger travel to civilization in the opportunity, there are guidelines of the case, do not indiscriminate motive facilities, so as to avoid damage to their equipment, and airports, airlines and other passengers to bring unnecessary trouble. Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: