Bai Kainan, cross second bombs love kill Brotherhood – Sohu entertainment, iptd-651

Bai Kainan "Yundi Li" second cross play "love to kill the White Brotherhood – Sohu entertainment Kennan make Kennan Yundi Li ward White Brotherhood white Kennan parody Sohu" white entertainment broker "white Kennan Samsung is promoted agent since the lean refinement comedy itself, but also increasingly high demands. Will be in the evening of Saturday Beijing TV broadcast of the "cross-border comedy king", white Kennan continue to partner piano prince Yundi Li, the white Kennan will bring what kind of burden? Yundi Li can get rid of the blessing of the piano? Let us wait and see. It is understood that the white Kennan Yundi Li in the writing process called "happy suffering", often the creation will become a "night of joy", two people often chatting together, laughter echoed in the midnight. Although very tired, but also very worthwhile. As a responsible agent, white Kennan is striving to every word, every action is perfect, even if have this running in many times, but Kennan is still white and overturned, breaking the original joke burden re combination, with high quality for ourselves, only for back to the audience the best quality, most logical program. Xiao Bian also learned that there is before all through the night "happy suffering" as inspiration, Kennan white and Yundi Li were finally put the name of a work as "brother". This is a place in the ward of the story, as the same ward brothers, two people have experienced what kind of suffering or what is not harmonious? Finally, how to get happiness? Here, Xiao Bian first do spoilers. Do you want to know how the "Southern God" white Kennan is starting to make Yundi brother? Would like to know how the brothers in the music is the interpretation of love? Want to know two people sick in the Striped outfit is how Meng Meng Da? Then please lock Beijing TV cross-border comedy king, white Kennan let you enjoy the love kill brothers!相关的主题文章: