As you read the first Chinese cup red sunset Reading Contest National Finals ending – Beijing candle june

"As you read" the first Chinese cup red sunset Reading Contest National Finals ending – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, "as you read" the first Chinese cup red sunset Reading Contest National Finals and awards ceremony held in Beijing on the eve of the double ninth festival. All over the country more than 40 players qualify for the final, after fierce competition, from Liaoning’s Wang Shufang Prize laureate. It is reported that this competition by the Chinese Reading Association, China silver age care project, China chanting school in Beijing, reading culture development Co., Ltd. Co sponsored, "as you read the whole client host. Recitation artist Yin Zhiguang, reading art theorist Xiang Jianxin, actor Du Ninglin, poet A Zi, young artists reading Jinxi together as the judges, young artist Zhang Yanyan will host reading. According to the organizing committee director Xiang Jianxin introduced, the tournament total of more than 5000 players participated in the set in "as you read" client software on the online audition, players were at least 50 years of age, the average age is 65 years old, after the strict selection, the final is only more than 40 elderly players are lucky enough to get the national finals qualification, the contest awarded one or two, in addition to third-prize and the most beautiful voice award, the most influential award 6 individual awards, in addition, there are Zhao Shiyou, Cui Yihua ten won the Chinese Federation of reading "the first? Chinese ten silver age home reading" the honorary title. Xiang Jianxin further preached, "reading" as a way of reading aloud, is undoubtedly an important construction force to achieve national reading national strategy. The contest organizers responded positively to the "national reading" national strategic policy guidelines, jointly decided to host the "China red sunset once a year reading contest", carry out competition vivid, intended to guide the old reading enthusiasts can effectively participate in the reading culture, so that they can enrich their social life by the way of reading, and learn more positive energy in reading art, to achieve physical and mental pleasure, physical fitness function, the more happiness they enrich the life of the construction of harmonious society, ultimately help. At the same time, the success of the contest is to improve the language level of art appreciation, revolutionary expand reading team, reinforce the reading art of the masses and social infrastructure, effectively promote the "plays an important role in national reading project". The first prize winner, Liaoning Fushun TV host Wang Shufang said: "the old people did not forget the huge crowd, the reading association and other organizers also specially arranged on the Double Ninth Festival is approaching, for the elderly to hold" the sunset red reading contest ‘, is the practice of "learning and live happily and do something" concept, do a solid work, good things, deserve the support of the whole society and praise!" As a platform for the contest only host and support, "as you read" the client is a pioneer of "mobile phone karaoke mode play music reading mode, the mobile Internet is the most authoritative and influential reading platform, has the world’s about 35000000 active users, daily active users online up to about 6 million, in the" to continue to promote you read ".相关的主题文章: