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"Article" Tongcheng: innovative mechanisms to build mass cultural park – Anhui channel — according to the Anqing news network reported Tongcheng known as the "little" reputation. In recent years, the city to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area as the core, to further strengthen the grassroots cultural construction, promote the innovation of resource integration and mechanism, to create mass culture park. The full implementation of the city’s cultural facilities upgrade project to achieve the city – Town Street – village community three full coverage. In the face of economic underdevelopment, lack of adequate resources, and strive to do a good job in the integration of resources, through new construction, renovation, replacement and other methods to strengthen the construction of grassroots cultural facilities. According to a two room four hall wall "standard, has built Hong Bridge 9 peasant culture park, 128 administrative villages and communities to build peasant culture square. At present, the city has a very fair four Museum, cultural information resources sharing project the county center and 220 basic services and 15 cultural stations, 15 public electronic reading room. 15 cultural stations are all set alone, area standards, including 4 area of more than 1000 square meters, more than 8 square meters, facilities, functional. Tongcheng Museum of culture is one of the province’s three National Museum, the library, cultural centers are a museum, the town of 7 integrated cultural station was rated as a station. To achieve the city’s comprehensive cultural stations all over the town full coverage, 80% of the village community to set up cultural activities room. These cultural facilities has become the local people enjoy an important place of cultural life. In recent three years were organized to carry out grassroots culture into the community, "sent into the Wan Village", "100 Hall (station) 1000 village cultural twinning" activities such as nearly 10000 times, directly benefit the masses more than 2 million people. To carry out a wide range of mobile services, built by the city library as the main library and 15 streets in the town of the station for the integration of urban and rural public library branch library service system, all kinds of readers reception 297 thousand passengers. The completion of Tongcheng style culture digital resources, the introduction of a number of high starting point, down to earth, bright, positive energy of literary works. The new large-scale Huangmei Opera "rouge" Tongcheng Lake "possible" and so many times in the drama channel CCTV broadcast, "shaking a blue" National Theatre debut song "sixfeet lane" and other works, strong regional characteristics, widely sung. The success of China Tongcheng Cultural Festival, expanding the influence and reputation of Tongcheng. The city’s theatrical festival, Tongcheng Song Concert, Yan Fengying Fans Club Forum, articles and people stage cultural brand loved by the masses. Echoes with the cultural brand is the construction of rural mass culture in full swing. The towns street cultural stations are organized to carry out mass cultural activities, rural cultural construction "charm". Big town "red maple leaf" perennial Club tour, grass Town "flower theater performances is well known for its golden God Town Square Dance Battle huge fan Gang, Zhang Feng Ting Lu osmanthus festival attracts thousands of visitors, tourists picking Festival, Lantern Festival, Wang Wei three dragon boat race, Yang lion lamp brilliant city cultural activities perennial, literary and artistic team, Art Association, Huangmei Opera fans activities flourish, square culture, campus culture, community culture, rural culture flourish. "One town, one town)相关的主题文章: