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Crafts-Hobbies Why antiques? Why do people choose to fill and adorn their homes with antique furniture and dcor? Collecting antiques is a matter of personal style and preference. People collect different antique pieces for different reasons. Many of these people think that having an antique collection is a worthwhile hobby, and these approach it with the passion they think their hobby deserves. They go hunting for pieces in specialty stores, surf for pieces on eBay and other online shops, and frequent auctions for pieces they desire. Collecting antiques is a matter of personal style and preference. But how could anyone not love or even learn to appreciate an antique, be it a piece of furniture, a figurine, a jewel, or a dinner plate? Antiques may be old, as the term so obviously suggests, but they carry with them an innate beauty and charm that is uniquely theirs. Antique furniture and other pieces illustrate the distinct and exquisite design that is prevalent in the period from which the piece in question specifically .es from. Each design is one of a kind in its own, and each tells a story of how things were way back then, or at least leaves behind a clue that should get to work the imagination of whoever holds the piece at present. Antique furniture and other pieces open windows to the past. When you look at your reflection at an antique gilded mirror, can you not imagine a young matron being dressed by her lady’s maid for a ball in front of that same mirror a couple of centuries back? When you store your linens in that antique oaken chest, can you not imagine a young, hopeful girl storing away just-finished pieces of the trousseau she has sewn for herself for the day she will be.e a bride? Each piece of antique furniture has a story to tell, and each story tells us of how things were back then and how far we have .e in the history of our civilization. Each piece is beautiful in itself and should, therefore, be cherished. We at Brownrigg @Home are here to help people cherish the beauty of the past by helping them appreciate the beauty of antiques. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: