Analysts expect apple to support virtual reality within two years in IOS-ca1806

Analysts expect sina will support the virtual reality technology news Beijing time on February 10th afternoon news of apple iOS within two years, as apple recently launched a series of mergers and acquisitions in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality, and recruited many key personnel, so the U.S. investment bank Jaffray analyst Piper (Gene Munster, Gini Munster) that the company’s iOS system will in the virtual reality technology into 2 years. Munster in a research report pointed out that the recent acquisitions and recruitment shows that the iOS ecosystem will be the fastest in 2018 to support the virtual reality, this also shows that Apple attaches great importance to virtual and augmented reality has invested a lot of energy research and development. Munster said, through the search for professional social networking site LinkedIn, it can be found that at least 141 Apple employees have the background of augmented reality field. In contrast, the site shows that 425 Microsoft employees have similar backgrounds, and Google has 267 people. Microsoft is currently developing the HoloLens project, which is an augmented reality goggles based on Windows. It is worth mentioning that in August last year, apple poaching HoloLens team an important audio engineer. Augmented reality technology can overlay virtual images onto display images. Apple has acquired some intellectual property rights related to it through R & D and acquisition. In addition to the internal development, apple can also accelerate the development of related projects through rapid mergers and acquisitions. Munster pointed out that Magic, Leap, Movidius, Occipital and Pelican Imaging and other companies are likely to become acquisition targets. Munster believes that within 10 years, "Z generation" will think that the actual image has been unable to meet the requirements, the need for new technology to obtain more information needed. Evolution from existing smartphones to augmented reality and virtual reality devices is a natural process. Munster believes that Apple’s attitude towards virtual reality is similar to that of Apple Watch, which is only iPhone accessories. He doesn’t think Apple will launch its own virtual reality or augmented reality hardware in a short time. Munster said that in the next year, the third party enterprises should try to deploy virtual reality and augmented reality by using iPhone and iPad, and develop their own solutions using existing resources. But by 2018, apple is likely to provide an official hardware solution framework for developers through the MFi project, which may follow Samsung’s approach, which has now launched a smartphone based Gear VR platform. There is a lot of evidence that apple is developing augmented reality and virtual reality systems, including the application of many patents. The company only bought Metaio, the real time motion capture company Faceshift and the computer vision startups Perceptio, only last year. Standford, director of virtual reality labs, says Apple researchers are getting more and more; 分析师预计苹果iOS两年内将支持虚拟现实   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月10日午间消息,由于苹果最近在虚拟现实和增强现实领域展开了一系列并购,并招募了许多关键人才,因此美国投资银行Piper Jaffray分析师基尼・蒙斯特(Gene Munster)认为该公司的iOS系统将于2年内进军虚拟现实技术。   蒙斯特在研究报告中指出,最近的收购和招聘表明iOS生态系统最快将于2018年支持虚拟现实,这同时也证明,苹果对此十分重视,已经向虚拟现实和增强现实领域投入了很多研发精力。   蒙斯特表示,通过对职业社交网站LinkedIn的搜索可以发现,至少有141名苹果员工拥有增强现实领域的背景。可资对比的是,该网站显示有425名微软员工拥有类似的背景,谷歌为267人。微软最近正在发展HoloLens项目,这是一款基于Windows的增强现实眼罩。值得一提的是,苹果去年8月挖角了HoloLens团队的一名重要音频技术工程师。   增强现实技术可以将虚拟图像叠加到显示图像上。苹果目前通过研发和收购获得了一些与此有关的知识产权。   除了内部开发外,苹果还可以通过快速并购加速相关项目的开发。蒙斯特指出,Magic Leap、Movidius、Occipital和Pelican Imaging等公司都有可能成为收购目标。   蒙斯特认为,10年内,“Z一代”将认为现实图像已经无法满足要求,需要通过新技术获取更多所需的信息。   从现有的智能手机进化到增强现实和虚拟现实设备是一个自然而然的过程。蒙斯特认为,苹果目前对待虚拟现实的态度与Apple Watch类似,后者只是iPhone的配件。他不认为苹果会在短期内推出自己的虚拟现实或增强现实硬件。   蒙斯特表示,今后一年内,第三方企业应该尝试利用iPhone和iPad部署虚拟现实和增强现实,利用现有资源开发自己的解决方案。但到2018年,苹果有可能通过MFi项目为开发者提供官方硬件解决方案框架,这有可能是效仿三星的做法,后者目前已经推出了基于智能手机的Gear VR平台。   有很多证据表明苹果正在开展增强现实和虚拟现实系统研发,包括申请了许多相关专利。该公司仅在去年就收购了德国增强现实公司Metaio、实时运动捕捉专业公司Faceshift和计算机视觉创业公司Perceptio。   斯坦福虚拟现实实验室主管也表示,苹果研究人员越来越频繁地造访该机构。今年1月有报道称,苹果还聘请了增强现实领域的专家道格・鲍曼(Doug Bowman)。   蒙斯特认为,苹果最终将会淘汰iPhone,并逐步转向增强现实或虚拟现实设备,目前的举措只是初步计划。但他也表示,这一预期至少在15年内无法实现。(书聿)  相关的主题文章: