Analysis people who can not buy the housing panic some people began to grab real estate stocks

Analysis: to buy housing people panic and some people began to grab up to real estate stocks have been in the "brother daoda number (micro signal: daoda1997)", and we discuss the property market and the stock market bubble which bigger topic. Unexpectedly, caused a warm discussion of friends. And yesterday, as the Fed decided not to raise interest rates, A-share market has finally ushered in a rebound in stocks A. However, from the trend, the rebound is not too strong, the stock index shot up nearly 30 points in the morning, afternoon but fell back, eventually rose 16.44 points to 3042.31 points. The property market is still crazy, the stock market seems to have some improvement, then the market will go from here? First of all, it is necessary to look back on the topic of discussion netizens. I believe that the "total number (micro signal: daoda1997)" users, is certainly far more than speculation speculation friends friends. So, from the point of view of the message, the general view of the property market bubble is far greater than the stock market. For example, a friend said, and now the property market, a bit like the 5000 point of the stock market, I think this analogy is very image. But there are also friends made a more unique point of view, such as a friend said, although a large number of Companies in the semi annual net profit is not enough to buy a suite in Beijing, Shanghai, but if the sale of 1% of the shares, enough to buy a few Suites ah. I understand that the friend would like to express the meaning, implication, or the stock market bubble. But in my opinion, in fact, if the stock market to sell 1% of the shares of listed companies, which has been regarded as a major shareholder cash. Moreover, dare to sell 1% of the shares, perhaps the company has no control. So, if the major shareholders in order to buy a house and sell so many stocks, itself is a very cautious thing. Well, go back to yesterday’s market. Yesterday, the market is a little improvement. Among them, a very important feature is that the performance of real estate stocks is very strong. Especially Hengda placards a few stocks, China Vanke rose 9.67%, China calxon [6.78% funding research report], the development of Langfang [4.55% funding research report] rose more than 4%. In addition, some two or three line real estate stocks, or are leading the market. Real estate stocks stronger, logic is able to speak. Since the property market is so crazy, the house sold more, real estate companies should be very good performance this year, it seems speculation is still speculation. In addition, do not rule out another possible, there is no real money grab, finally only into the stock market, real estate stocks began to grab the. Why can not buy housing, real estate stocks will buy it? The reason is very simple, the price of real estate stocks, much cheaper than the price. We look at the performance of real estate stocks this year, this year, many real estate stocks fell very badly. If you have millions of dollars, the first tier cities can not afford housing. But in the stock market, it must be a big, picked up the tray can be fast, with ease. So, can not afford housing or not grab housing funds, real estate stocks rush now ran into the stock market, is also a kind of choice. In the long run, real estate stocks will go, I can not say, but at least the short-term real estate stocks strong, and the recent frenzied property market, there is a great relationship. As for the broader market, although yesterday’s eye-catching performance of real estate stocks.相关的主题文章: