A man in Nanchang to help fugitives hiding Huaguoshan crime of harboring criminals jailed in -ca1871

A man in Nanchang to help fugitives hiding Huaguoshan   crime of harboring criminals jailed in Jiangxi channel, people.com.cn Nanchang Man Wang Yang is knowing the fugitives, still looking for their hiding places, eventually jailed. In October 9th, China Jiangxi reporter from the Nanchang East Lake court was informed that Wang guilty of harboring crime, was sentenced in one year and six months last year in December, the original, fugitives Yang (handled separately) returned to Nanchang New District and find friends wang. Wang, in the case of knowing that Yang was a fugitive from the crime, still placed it in the home of the flower and fruit mountain near the new district. During the period, Wang Yang duo also jointly taking "Ma gu". Since then, Wang in order to avoid Yang was arrested by public security organs, and placed in another rented housing. June 23rd this year, 14 am, Wang was arrested by the police. The court of first instance found that the defendant, who knew that Yang was a criminal, still provided concealed shelter for him, and his behavior constituted the crime of harboring. The defendant’s two criminal record and recidivism should be severely punished; he has a frank plot and can be punished leniently. He made the above-mentioned judgment in accordance with the law. (Liu Yuan, Liu Guohua, (reporter Wang Fan): Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun commissioning editor) 南昌一男子助在逃人员藏身“花果山” 犯窝藏罪获刑–江西频道–人民网 南昌男子王某明知杨某是在逃人员,仍为其找藏身地,最终获刑。10月9日,中国江西网记者从南昌东湖法院获悉,王某因犯窝藏罪,被判处有期徒刑一年零六个月 原来,去年12月,在逃人员杨某(另案处理)潜回南昌新建区并找到老友王某。王某在明知杨某系犯罪在逃人员的情况下仍将其安置在新建区花果山附近的家中。 期间,王、杨二人还共同吸食“麻古”。此后,王某为避免杨某被公安机关抓获,又将其安置在他人租住的房屋内。 今年6月23日14时许,王某被民警抓获归案。 一审法院审理认为,被告人王某明知杨某系犯罪的人,仍为其提供隐藏住所,其行为已构成窝藏罪。被告人王某有二次犯罪记录并系累犯,应当从重处罚;其有坦白情节,可从轻处罚。遂依法作出上述判决。(刘媛、刘国华、记者王樊) (责编:帅筠、邱烨)相关的主题文章: