8 year old girl with a classmate frolic was pushed to the ground nails into the head meyou

8 year old girl with a classmate frolic was pushed to the ground nails into the head of the newspaper news (reporter Li Yang correspondent Jin Jing) cram school children downstairs, pushing each other, a girl accidentally fell into the forehead, actually a nail, thanks to timely hospital, the nails were pulled out smoothly. Yesterday evening 6 points, a 8 year old girl hurried parents and teachers have been sent to Wuhan Brain Hospital Pediatric Department of neurosurgery. I saw the girl on the right forehead tied into a nail with a plastic bayonet, has nearly 1 cm into the top of the head. According to the parents of girls said, the child is attending classes, down the stairs with classmates pushed accidentally fall; and the building just completed wiring construction, the ground littered with a few nails fixed wires, a nail in the child fell into the forehead. At that time, the presence of people are scared, girls are crying more than. Doctor Xiao Kai examination found that girls have nails on the right side of the skull penetrated completely, fortunately there is a fixed wire plastic bayonet above, prevent nails continues, otherwise 2 centimeters long nails completely into the head, very likely to hurt the dura and brain tissue and blood vessels. In order to avoid infection and bleeding, taking into account the nail into the head is not too deep, Xiao Kai decided in general anesthesia, direct extraction of nails with emergency surgery forceps. 10 minutes later, the nails were pulled out smoothly. Xiao Kai said that in late stage but also the need for anti infection treatment, the nail punctured by the hole in the skull, the child is small, the late growth, after a long time will be good. Xiao Kai reminded the children in the area, after the construction must clean up such as nails and other sharp objects in a timely manner, to prevent accidental injury of children to play or fight.相关的主题文章: