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Business The quality of security box is necessary to keep your items obviously secure. Both acid free storage boxes and polypropylene storage boxes are known to keep items secure over long periods of time. The downside to both of these storage boxes has specific characteristics that can be good or bad depending on its containments. Polypropylene is a plastic polymer that is used in boxes and containers of a variety of sizes. The popularity of this polymer has grown through its usage as a food storage container. The reason for this grown is its ability to resist high temperature settings. Polypropylenes melting point is higher than most other typical storage containers. The melting point for this polymer is 320F (160C), which mean boiling hot water used for dish washing and typical microwave temperatures will not shift the shape of the container. Acid free storage boxes are cardboard based and because of its material would be focused on the temperature required to allow the storage boxes to burn. Although acid free storage boxes would be storage in a microwave or dishwasher, the temperature of the storage room is an important factor to take into consideration for the location and type of storage facility used for cardboard storage boxes. Another factor to take into consideration when .paring polypropylene storage boxes and acid free storage boxes are the ability to custom the storage boxes. Polypropylene storage boxes are very easy to add dyes to, and is often used as a fiber in carpeting which needs to be rugged and durable, such as the carpet one finds around swimming pools or paving miniature golf courses. Document storage boxes uses cardboard are customized with washable or non-washable inks or dye to create custom printed boxes on the outer layer of the boxes. The pros to cardboard based archive boxes utilizing ink solutions for their custom printed boxes is that less ink is necessary for the design for the box. In the case for polypropylene storage boxes, dyes are used to color the entire container order to disguise it from its clear nature. Archive boxes provide a higher level of flexibility than polypropylene. The manufacturing nature of the document storage boxes or office storage boxes allows it to create different sizes and shapes on the fly. The framework of archive boxes is consistent with a minimum of 2 layers of corrugated medium, and out pane with an acid free finish, and enough internal stiffness to resist the shapes and weight of the containments. Another consistency with acid free storage boxes or record storage boxes its ability to absorb and retain water why drying quickly. Polypropylene is used deflects water from the surface of its containers. Unlike cardboard storage boxes or document storage boxes, which are also often used as a fiber for resistance, polypropylene makes it ideal for uses where it will be constantly subject to moisture. The downside to the ability to the resist water is the low ability to resist acid. Acid free storage boxes does not release an acid which will melt off the ink of the surface of paper and make paper shift its chemical .position to look and feel older. Polypropylene, although it is high in security, will age the containments especially paper because of it long term acidic burning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: