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UnCategorized Following are some of the secrets for a success home school. Enjoy teaching Teaching is a two way process. When you decide to take up teaching enjoy it. This will make it more enjoyable for the student as well. How you act affects the enthusiasm level of the student. Boring tasks could be made livelier by teaching them in a more playful manner with games and short stories. This reflects in the childs attitude towards studies and his learning potential. Do Away With All Interruptions The phone is one of the biggest interruptions most of the time. Install an answering machine to use it whenever you have teaching sessions in progress. Record customized messages stating the reason for you being away. Inform your family and friends of the necessary adjustments and give them prior intimation about homeschooling. It is best to avoid babysitting and untimely drop-ins. Simplify Teaching Keep the teaching methods simple and understandable. Change them from time to time, keeping in touch with the new syllabus and teaching methods. Be more innovative and formulate your own ways to make it easier to teach and help the student get a better understanding. However, prior to this, gauge the learning ability of the students before you go ahead and start implementing the methods. It is advisable not to force students into studying when they are not in the mood to. Decide the teaching method Do not change the teaching strategy you follow just for the sake of ac.modating new additions in the teaching system. This will confuse the student and make it difficult to teach them some subjects. Changing the teaching method will also make it difficult for you to follow the subject since you are new to teaching. Correct your mistakes Learn from your mistakes. In home schooling you will tend to make mistakes while teaching. This is evident since you are not a trained teacher and this field is new to you. Read ample books and study material to know the subjects better and understand them. Enroll in libraries and home schooling co-operative groups to know more about new additions to the syllabus. Learning material like reference books, software and other resources like audiotapes and videotapes are also available. Take a break Take frequent short breaks. Instead of long-breaks that go on for days, plan small picnics and family outings to make the student feel relaxed and stress free. This helps them concentrate better and makes studying more enjoyable. Make sure you dont overdo the picnics, as this might bring a careless attitude towards education and its importance. Breaks turn out to be quite refreshing if they are taken at short intervals. Read Reading is not only helpful for an individual but also to the students. Reading aloud is said to be an ideal family activity when all the members .e together and enjoy listening to a story being read aloud. After the children learn to read you could switch readers to give it the feeling of a game. Gather the kids and snuggle up on a nice chilly day with some hot cocoa. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: