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UEFA to group and North European star C Luomeixi is expected to play sports Luomeixi C partner – Sohu is expected to team mate   Messi Left Biography, C Luo Road high Yueqi header nodded, this scene is not a picture of the game, in the near future, all this may be staged in the real football game. According to the Spanish media world sports newspaper, UEFA is planning to organize a European all star game, while C and Messi are likely to be assigned to the South Star team at the same time. Europe together with the world’s best players, every year in the Champions League final has become Europe’s peak of the war, but UEFA did not stop the pace of innovation, according to the "world sports daily" disclosure, UEFA is ready to plan a European all star game, the players of any nationality, as long as the effect then in the European club. It is reported that the two sides of the battle will be divided into two teams in the north and south according to the geographical position of the country. If UEFA’s plan can be implemented, Messi and C in Spain will certainly appear in the same team, and in the beginning of the description of the scene may appear in the game. However, UEFA’s plan is just a tentative idea. How to distribute the north and South Star team and how to do all the work of European clubs need UEFA to deal with it. (streamer flying color) 欧足联欲组南北欧明星赛 C罗梅西有望搭档出战-搜狐体育 C罗梅西有望同队搭档    梅西左脚传中,C罗中路高高跃起头球攻门,这一幕不是游戏的画面,在不久的将来,这一切或许会在真正的足球比赛中上演。据西班牙媒体《世界体育报》的消息,欧足联正在策划组织一项欧洲全明星对抗赛,而C罗与梅西很可能同时被分到南方明星队并肩作战。   欧洲汇集着世界上最出色的球星,每年的欧冠决赛也成为整个欧洲的巅峰之战,但是欧足联并没有停止创新的步伐,据《世界体育报》披露,欧足联正在准备策划一场欧洲的全名星赛,参赛的球员不限国籍,只要在欧洲俱乐部效力即可。据悉,交战的双方将会按照国家地理位置的维度分成南北两支队伍。   如果欧足联的这一计划可以实施,同在西班牙效力的梅西与C罗将会肯定出现在同一支队伍中,而在文章开头所描写的那一幕或许会出现在比赛中。但是,欧足联的这一策划还只是一个设想,如何分配南北明星队,如何做好欧洲各俱乐部放人的工作都需要欧足联从中周旋。   (流光飞色)相关的主题文章: