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Men’s-Issues For most of us, a general medicine specialist is all we need to take care of our hearts. Very rarely does the need for a heart specialist arise but when it does it is often too late for even the Best Cardiologist in India to offer proper care. Though fingers are pointed at doctors, the fault is actually ours. We are quick to dismiss heart problems thinking it would get better eventually; unfortunately that is not what happens. What is it that you can do to keep your heart beating with a healthy rhythm and what are the tell-tale signs that you should be aware of to seek out right treatment at the right time. Do you smoke? Smokers are the worst off when it .es to being vulnerable to heart diseases. Smoke decreases the flow of oxygen to the heart and leads to countless heart ailments such as blood clotting , chest pain, raised blood pressure to name a few. Have you been smoking too long? Perhaps the time is right to go and visit a Hospital in Delhi NCR and see a cardiologist there. History of diabetes Diabetes is known to create .plications with your heart. Diabetes .bined with heart problems is a definite reason for you to seek out expert opinion. Pregnancy and post-menopause Pregnant women and those who have reached menopause are at a higher risk of heart diseases. In recent years, the risk of women developing heart diseases has risen dramatically, but it is during pregnancy and post-menopause when the risks are quite high. Strenuous physical activity Anyone over the age of 40 should stay active but extra physical labour is not advisable. Too much stress on the heart can be overwhelming for a 40-year old heart. Dont start very strenuous exercise if you are over 40 and definitely dont attempt it if you have a heart condition. Family history of heart diseases Has anyone in your family suffered from heart diseases in the past? If the answer to that is yes, keep a regular tab on how your heart performs, a couple of visits to the best Hospital in Delhi NCR every year should keep you well informed about your hearts condition. Chest Pains Chest pains are a worry in themselves. Restless nights and the dis.fort are often too much for anyone to take. A history of chest pains is a problem that needs immediate consultation from none but the Best Cardiologist in India. About the Author: By: johnabrahm – Buying SizeGenetics. If you are looking for the truth sizeGenetics is sophisticated penis health system By: goutham varma – Are you suffering from Hair loss and from Male pattern Baldness? Dont worry; Hair Sure will help you to out .e from the hair loss problems with advanced and Modern Hair transplant treatment, i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction with an expertise team of Doctors Dr … By: Jenson Phillips – It is a well known that advertising products brings more customers and profit. But it is the charge that many .panies imagine before taking the plunge. Many of them should restrict their business to produce a big campaign for concern with spending a fortune over it. For smal … By: Stam Bett – Created by Shaun T and designed by a .pany known as Beach Body, the main aim of the Insanity Workout is to ensure that you are fit and in the best shape. By: Devika Rajpali – Stone carpet is an outlandish decision for a house. You can actually laying it around yourself. Here are a few valuable tips on the off chance that you need to do it without anyone’s help. By: GLF – Some of the details related to youth supplements like multivitamin patches are discussed in this article. By: GLF – Some of the important points related to Testosterone patches and its way of usage are discussed in this article. By: Antoine Waterhouse – No argue, you will agree because they are from the same vendor. If you’re going to stream video from the Inter. through this device, then you would want to choose one which has .work connectivity. It uses only one line from your television splits one line into two resultin … By: Cortney Ashbolt – Add whole grains, fresh fruits, pulses, vegetables and cereals in your diet. Garlic, legumes and whole grains are also believed to be beneficial. Apart from taking a natural sleep remedy there are changes in lifestyle which could be implemented that should also allow you a bet … By: Gary Donovitz MD – Gary Donovitz MD responds to the controversial PLOS One testosterone study. Utilizing his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Donovitz highlights just why this study is so flawed and may even be dangerous to the medical industry as a whole. 相关的主题文章: