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6 kinds of food to help you solve the problem of lack of sleep [Abstract] many people have symptoms of lack of sleep, and lack of sleep is a great harm to me. So you know how to solve the problem of lack of sleep? Now many people because of excessive pressure and lead to long-term insomnia. So you know what to eat to solve the problem of lack of sleep? Lack of sleep, eat what conditioning 1 almond rich magnesium, magnesium can improve sleep can also promote muscle relaxation, it also benefits, is a protein supplement, by human body from the alert adrenaline circulating conversion to rest, and help promote sleep. 2, eat a small bowl of cereal grains at bedtime and you don’t have a guilty conscience, especially the entire valley, low sugar cereal. It is not only healthy snacks, but also can help sleep. The combination of carbohydrate rich foods will increase the blood flow of color helium acid, increase the effect of inducing sleep. Another benefit: add a few dried cherries to your bowl (see above) to help you sleep. 3, egg egg can also help sleep, because the egg protein can nourish the brain, can calm nerves. Eat an egg at night, not only can help you sleep, but also help you sleep. 4 tea, chamomile tea is a very effective sedative tea, can help the brain to rest Anshenbunao. The Green Tea contains theanine, can promote sleep, bedtime drink some Green Tea, can help soothe the nerves. 5, banana is rich in serotonin and N- acetyl -5- methoxytryptamine, and can make themuscles ofmagnesium. Eat more bananas can soothe the nerves meditation. 6, warm milk before going to bed to drink a cup of milk to help sleep, because milk contains tryptophan, it can play a sedative effect. The calcium in milk can help the brain to make full use of this tryptophan. Lack of sleep, 1 of the risk of increased blood pressure study shows that if adults for an average of five consecutive years of lack of an hour of sleep every day, the risk of high blood pressure will increase by up to 40%. 2, increasing the risk of illness there is evidence that people who sleep less susceptible to influenza virus. 3, whether the impaired memory feel, after a night of tossing and turning after memory seemed to be worse? Rapid eye movements during the early stages of the sleep cycle can boost memory and creativity. So if the previous night didn’t sleep well, get a nap can also help restore memory skills. 4, will miss the lack of exercise sleep means lack of energy, it is too lazy to exercise, the survey shows that lack of sleep is an important reason for people not to exercise. 5, will make you more eccentric or in terms of researchers is more primitive". Without enough sleep, we will become more primitive ourselves, that is, we can not control and deal with their emotions, to make a reasonable response to some situations. 6, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, lack of sleep, stay up late, easy to damage the liver and kidney, the loss of Qi and blood, Qi and blood deficiency is prone to hair loss symptoms two. Studies have shown that people often stay up late or sleep irregular, it is prone to hair loss, hair line after the shift and other issues. So in order to have a beautiful black hair, or sleep well. 7, the whole person is not in the state this is the most serious consequences. Not enough sleep相关的主题文章: