Chestnut jujube paste – Sohu maternal and child beef怎么读�

Before the rice paste chestnut red dates – Sohu 3 year old baby infant chewing and swallowing function is not perfect, so treasure the mother to baby in the porridge must pay attention to, don’t like some peanut porridge Riga easily choking trachea ingredients. At the same time should also pay attention to the baby to drink porridge boiled soft point, can also add a little less seasoning ingredients in porridge, such as jujube, longan, lotus seeds, raisins, etc., which can increase the sweet taste, can let the baby more easily accept. But need to pay attention to all the dried fruits are going nuclear, especially by hard and sharp, may hurt your baby’s mouth and digestive tract, in addition to the baby, do porridge or rice paste do not add sugar, try not to cultivate the baby to drink porridge must add sugar habit. And let the children adapt to the natural food in the light sweet taste, today and share the chestnut rice paste chestnut and red dates, red dates are with natural sweet taste, but also very high nutrition, make the rice paste very good oh. Chestnut red dates: chestnut rice paste formula 4, red dates 4, rice 40g, oat 6G seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 10 months without difficulty that the suitable approach to food allergy BABY * * 1 Preparation: 4 red dates, chestnut 4, rice, oat 6g 40g. 2 oat washed, soaked in water for 4 hours in advance. PS: if the treasure mom bought is instant oatmeal without soaking in advance, can be poured into the pan before. 3 chestnut cold water pot, cook about 20 minutes or so. PS: chestnut nutrient rich, vitamin C content is higher than the tomato, apple is more than ten times. Chestnut minerals are also very comprehensive, including potassium, zinc, iron, etc.. Although the content was not high but still much higher than the hazelnut, apple and other common fruit, especially the potassium content is 3 times higher than apple. Chestnuts taste is very sweet, can often give the baby to eat yo ~ 4 red dates wash, and then pour the boiling water, soaked to the skin swell. PS: red dates in the bubble, you can use a small bowl of pressure on the top, so red dates will not float up, but also easier to bubble. 5 and then peeled jujube kernel. PS: the baby to eat red dates, in order to avoid the baby card to the throat, remove the pit in advance, I will remove the skin. 3 years old after the baby, if the swallowing ability is good, you can not peel. 6 chestnut cooked fish, shell cool, remove the chestnut meat. 7 then the Chinese chestnut into the bag, with rolling pin roll into pieces of chestnut. 8 chestnut roll out, into a small bowl of standby. 9 put the rice and the good oats into the pot, add appropriate amount of water. PS: rice porridge boil, turn a small fire stew slowly, so cook the porridge will drink more viscous. Treasure the mother also can directly use the rice cooker to cook well! 10 rice porridge boil to ropy, into the pot at the end of the chestnut. PS: remember to put a small fire in the porridge, and then pay attention.相关的主题文章: