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Yang Lei knows the live share: Sogou input method is a natural science and technology Sohu AI- the evening of November 3rd, Sogou desktop division senior director Yang Lei was invited to know live, share the development of Sogou input method with friends. Yang Lei graduated from Tsinghua University, majoring in computer science, since 2005 to join Sogou, as the first member of the project began Sogou input method product development, is currently fully responsible for the input method product research and development work. In an hour of sharing, Yang Lei shared more than and 10 years of ups and downs Sogou input method, and speech recognition, the recent hot issues such as artificial intelligence and business users of the exchange between two. In the past: "because of the input method, we become the most love to turn the dictionary" about the birth of Sogou input method, Yang Lei still fresh. According to his introduction, launched Sogou Sogou search engine in 2004, in the iterative process of the search engine, Sogou input method found that many users because of their good use, or forget to switch directly in the search box on pinyin. In this regard, Sogou did such a function: guess what the user input Pinyin corresponding Chinese characters, given the search results. Facts have proved that the accuracy of this function is very high, so there is the embryonic form of the input method. Ten years ago in June 5, 2006, Sogou released the first version of Sogou input method. Yang Lei recalled that at the time of selling two advertisements, the first sentence is called "super massive thesaurus, word group", because the use of Sogou search engine technology, Chinese Webpage was 10 billion, of which 500 million will be updated every day Sogou, in such a large data blessing, word formation ability is Sogou input method a qualitative leap; another one is called "new hot words, clean sweep, refers to the web page update based on new words, will soon enter into the Sogou input method, user input. Sogou input method is convenient and quick access to the vast number of users of all ages, laying the foundation of the national input method. In terms of words and pronunciation, Sogou input method to do a lot of work. Yang Lei cited several examples: people eat wonton, actually read the word Tun (pronounced "Tun", two), dun (sound not read "Dayton", four), so the input method was popular at the time, tried to use the Hun Dun input when the word is not out of the. In addition, do PPT template is exactly Mu ban or Mo ban, exactly the same whether Yi Mo Yi Yang or Yi Mu Yang, there are many similar examples. Sogou input method at the time of innovation to achieve regardless of what the user to read, always be able to play out the correct words, so that the majority of users to use more convenient. There is a brand called proya, then find Sogou say their brand name wrong, hit into "platinum Eliya", Sogou engineer to the dictionary, "originally Perot pronunciation" the word is po (four times), is also the amber amber, don’t read Bo (sound "thin" two), Sogou would add a "wrong tone". After looking at the latest edition of the Chinese dictionary, found a line of words, say the word as Perot Loanword Translation when.相关的主题文章: