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Lin Jing "energy-saving" shooting fans praised the reduction degree of high – Sohu Sohu Lin Jing entertainment entertainment news by film shares, Tak television, hualubaina CO produced, directed by high Yijun, young actor Yao Di, starring Qiao Zhenyu, Lin Jing portrait appeared in the costume emotional drama "energy-saving" has recently exposed the cast. "Energy-saving" from the original novel of the same name, the novel itself has a lot of fans fans, since the shooting has caused widespread concern. Lin Jing from the "Great Han" after another costume beauty, the role of exposure, was praised high reducibility fans fans. In addition, acting to send Lin Jing to join the drama, but also for this costume emotional drama added texture. Lin Jing’s seven wife Ye jade Niang, born in a miss. Due to the birth of her daughter (Yao Dishi) by the green Luo Ye cold, plus other lady force out, the situation. For the preservation of daughter lives, jade Niang daughter looks at self destruction, hidden, teach her art skills, only to escape at some day in the future. With Lin Jing as the "Great Han" weizifu have different approaches but equally satisfactory results of all, seven lady and has a beautiful appearance weizifu, resisting the courage and humiliation of Chafford. The difference is, jade Niang more hope that her daughter, may the green Luo can have their own place in the world outside the office. The mother of Lin Jing’s mother image is different from before, the costume drama "Yu Ci", more bold and crafty. In the family suffering from bullying, prop up an umbrella for her daughter, she’s teaching knowledge. The green Luo in the mother’s education, also escaped from the premier, Prince’s admiration of appreciation. Lin Jing works in recent years, participating youth campus drama "summer solstice" has been successfully completed, starring costume drama "energy-saving" and "the love song" large fantasy drama in tension in the shooting, involved the theme broad role of large span. Lin Jing because of its powerful role to control and image plasticity, these characters can easily control. In addition, Lin Jing loves reading books and sports in the movie, which also provides Everfount nutrients for filming.相关的主题文章: