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Bao Gangsheng: the three edition of the concept of democracy [Abstract] when a serious fraud in the election process, or when the election itself is manipulated, the election results can not truly reflect public opinion. Some would say that some countries seem to be in the election, but in fact, this election is false, but behind the political power of the Democratic show". Author: Bao Gangsheng (Associate Professor, School of law, Fudan University) to discuss the concept to define the premise, democracy is no exception. So, what is democracy? This is one of the most basic political issues. Some people say that democracy is the sovereignty of the people. This is a good idea, but we also need to ask: what is the sovereignty of the people in the end? I am afraid that it is best to give an operational definition. Here may wish to play for example, Jilin, Yanbian, rich in a variety of fruit, looks like apple, but a little like pears, popular saying that apple pear. The question is: is it an apple or a pear? If we don’t know if it’s an apple or a pear, there’s no way to do it. You may also find that the world has both apple like pear, pear like apple, both often difficult to distinguish. This is an example of a specific object, relatively easy to distinguish. English: democracy; democracy, democracy, democracy and democracy, the old translation, mr.. However, social science is more concerned with abstract things. Democracy is an abstract concept. The British philosopher Bertrand · Russell wrote: "the discussion of democracy, whether to support or oppose the argument, not what the thought value, because we do not know what we are talking about." It seems to be a disparaging study of scholars and critics of democracy, but do you think that if you look at the daily newspaper and open the news website, does it really exist? For example, some of the media for a while to say that democracy is our core values, and then say that democracy is not suitable for us, what does it mean to say? The premise of effective discussion of democracy is to define democracy. According to the concept of democracy is that the people in power of history, the concept of democracy has three major versions. The first version is, democracy is the rule of the people, called the democratic concept of the 1 edition. Use a sentence for having heard it many times words, people’s democracy is in power. This statement is not wrong. Aristotle believes that all rule can be divided into three types: one is the rule of the monarchy; the minority rule, namely the aristocracy; majority rule, namely democracy. He has a more elaborate six regime types, will not repeat them here. Therefore, democracy can be regarded as the rule of the majority. Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believes that democracy is the rule of the majority. Whether it is the rule of the people, or the rule of the majority, this regime should have an inherent rule in the nature of the rule and the rule. What is the essence of rule? That is, who is to rule. Democracy is the rule of the people, the rule of the majority, which is the essence of the rule. What is the rule goal? That is to say, the rule is to serve the people. Democracy should serve the interests of the people and the public,.相关的主题文章: