Men’s six into the palace is not thinking of being released from prison only half of the crime from 2828创业网

Man six Palace also unrepenting released only half the 13 cases of crime – Dahe Dahe reporter Li Xiaobo correspondent Liu Zhaopu Li Qingqing client reporter Zheng man has been sentenced for theft 6 times, in April this year just got out of prison. Unexpectedly, Jeong do not repent, return to prostitution, theft of electric vehicles in Ruyang County for 13. Finally, Zheng could not escape the law, recently, Ruyang police arrested. Police chase, has abandoned the vehicle after the thieves from the roadside cornfields fled in July this year, Ruyang County Public Security Bureau 110 command center, Chengguan police station received a public warning area of two and three wheel electric vehicle is stolen, were stolen on the doorstep, district hospital, and the parking time is very short, the police to the scene and found no effective clues. In the next month, and continuous spate of similar incidents, during the case, the police through the surveillance tracking, the crime scene and the suspect may flee route tracking, and then in the vicinity of Yunmeng village, Chengguan Town, found that car theft man is driving away, police chase, thieves abandoned the vehicle after the corn from the roadside in the panic to escape. Continuous theft cases, Ruyang County Public Security Bureau set up a task force for theft cases, Ruyang County Public Security Bureau, the electric car theft case series as the County Bureau of the handling of cases, and set up a task force. According to the police surveillance video information, visits to the masses, initially locked the suspect before the physical characteristics and hit with the city of Ruzhou Yang Lou Xiang Zheng very similar labor release personnel. The police immediately rushed to the local police station, according to police reports, Zheng in the village called "the thief", was convicted of theft has been Luoyang City Court, Luolong district court, Ruyang county court, Ruzhou city court sentenced to imprisonment for six times, in April this year has just released from prison. Unexpectedly zeixin does not change, and again. That night, the police task force in the police station Yang floor with the arrest of the residence of Jeong, but cunning Jeong whereabouts unknown. As the thieves Jeong arrested as soon as possible, Ruyang police decided to implement the Internet wanted for a car thief Jeong arrested as soon as possible, Ruyang police decided to implement the Internet wanted. October 7th at 2 pm, at the police station on duty of the Deputy captain Liu Chuangzao received the Xinjiang Hotan police telephone, the suspect Jeong was Minfeng County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police arrested when card inventory. The police task force rushed to Minfeng County Public Security Bureau, the suspect Jeong escorted back to Ruyang. After interrogation, the suspect Jeong truthfully confessed since July this year, the city of Ruyang in the theft of two wheeled, three wheeled electric car 13 criminal facts. In October 16th, on suspicion of theft suspect Jeong jingfangxingju, the case is being processed.相关的主题文章: