China relation launch POSTER bin 琍 luxury boss (video) ppbox

"China relation" launch POSTER "Bin Li" luxury BOSS Tencent entertainment news recently, high-profile heavyweight realism drama "China type relationship" is listed for the series originally reeky, launched in September 7th, officially announced today will be delayed one day in September 8th landing Beijing TV, dragon tv. Today, the drama side also exposed Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili launched a poster, and Zhao Lixin, Hu He, Ye Yiyun, Dai Xu in the "mystery" of the CP appearance, and luxurious "Bin Li" combination is more eye-catching. On the poster six facebook "Bin Li" combination "BOSS" level full in the launch of the poster, six stars, a group of two people, build a "character in China relation" facebook. Chen Jianbin Ma Yili composed of luxury "Li Bin combination", two people in Western dress and leather shoes is a look at the cause of property, or above boss level. Zhao Lixin Hu He is composed of halfway husband and wife combination, the play, the two of the (Chen Jianbin ornaments) the most hated men and women together, hand in hand to bring the damage to the ten thousand points of the. The leaves of Yiyun and Asahi, as the representative of today’s struggle after 90, collocation handsome beauty give the show into the fresh blood of youth. Two people to play Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili’s right-hand man in the play, show the young spirit. Ten years ago, Chen Jianbin and Ma Yili worked with the TV series "Joe courtyard". Two people play a childhood sweetheart in the play, but because of family reasons were separated, was a tragedy. Ten years later, again "China relation", changed the two character and the relationship. Although the role of surname "Jiang", but Ma Yili is no longer that in the old society for a lifetime love distraught Jiangnan woman Jiang Xueying, but turned to the independent, a new era of women Jiang and Chen Jianbin Yinan ‘s smart, bold and crafty from a rich side of the merchants, Qiao Zhiyong becomes the brain sometimes "crash", big temper but, many disadvantages, virtuous "veteran" Ma Guoliang. Chen Jianbin Ma Yili struck a spark of anger ten years ago in tears after ten years of "guanxi" Chinese laughing covered by greetings, "Li Bin" combination, from the beginning of the fierce "hardcore confrontation", two people to wipe out a lot of anger towards the spark. Ma Yili said the wrong dish was started by two people, two people due to the different growth environment: "Jiang Yinan ‘s is a nothing is known about the China traditional code of conduct of people, she grew up in the overseas life learning, so just return, will not meet, she forgot Chinese work except that one is outside, but also take into account people’s inner feelings and sensibilities, a private emotional component inside. There is no loyalty, say do not pay attention to affection like, this is a little Chinese special care, but also can not distinguish between right and wrong absolutely. The conflict between her and Ma Guoliang, is more reflected in the confrontation between the two cultures of China and the west. But these problems can be solved." Chen Jianbin Ma Guoliang said, "self review" to pay the responsibility is not small: "he’s much too little, the position is too big, he had already become a part on a machine, not a living human, and he thinks that not to think it as shameful.相关的主题文章: