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"We have come to the" red fire ratings Redubujian sought – Sohu   entertainment; Dalian fire ratings gains across the board Sohu entertainment news Hunan TV show the beauty of Oriental women civilization "reality show" we have come to the "last night broadcast of the tenth period, the ten guests from the scenic beauty of the vast Dalian beach moved to Dalian one hundred years of the fire brigade, a group of experienced fire fighters most handsome young dragons. Through the "escape" and "Domino hundred meters echelon fire rescue" at the moment, the ten guests really feel the responsibility and mission of the most handsome figure against ". In addition to record ten guests in the process of experience of the fire brigade, the program also presents "thick and heavy in colours the extraordinary charm of the most lovable person", from the special view shows the "orange warrior" style. The fire brigade party program has become the punchline, ten guests brain hole wide open performance won many audience’s applause. The ups and downs, exciting content to continue to show ratings gains across the board, the national network ratings 1.41, share 4.59%, continue to be a Friday night variety show ratings and the arrival rate of fire version of the highest speed and passion, madness fled Domino "we have come to the" self to the audience to reach rate continued to dominate the Friday program this week once again rose the arrival rate of 5.7%, the program, and the national audience of 73 million people, obviously improved compared to last week, rose 11.8%. This program, as the star of the fire team members Wang Han and real man, led by 8 female guests to return to the army, Yuan Hong. Ten guests faded orange clothing costumes, incarnation soldiers, divided into two class fire fighting, fire officers and soldiers and fought to escape from Domino. Yuan Hong led the battle class first challenge Domino, Yuan Hong as the first challenge players, he is struggling to run, in short, played an exemplary role. Before Sheenah went on, Captain Yuan Hong is also the first time to encourage her to watch your run, in the end, Sheenah more directly to the partner’s firefighters said "you fell and pulled me, don’t stop, firefighters are shocked at this, Yuan Hong is praising her" is a man "; while Wang Han led the two class is not resigned to playing second fiddle to fight. Captain Wang Han started very smoothly, the speed is very fast, but ran to the half but suddenly fell to the ground. Domino was about to come back, and Wang Han can not afford to fall off the shoes quickly get up, one foot on the hot ground to continue running. Small Xu Jiao is another style. The sound of the whistle, Xu Jiao with the speed of lightning speed to the end point, quick to let a person be struck dumb. Jiang Yiyan smiled and said, "seeing her legs are all suspended". In view of the Domino link, netizens on the fireman’s occupation awe, set off a salute to the firemen boom in micro-blog. Complete the "escape from Domino" link, fire officers and soldiers and the stars of the common drill a "100 m Echelon" practice. Incarnation of the stars into the fire hero, Wang Han and the first to bear the brunt of the fire, never retreat, the scene is also very shocking, but also the shock of the world, the world is not the only one. Jiang Yiyan has always been weak, in the team on the single plank bridge slide hose field force moment outbreak, struggling to save back filled with water to.相关的主题文章: